I have the following elm code:

import Json.Decode as Json exposing(..)
import Result

type Players = Players (List Players)
type alias Player = {
  name: String
  , team: Maybe Team

type alias Team = {
  name: String
  , players: Maybe Players

teamDecoder: Json.Decoder Team
teamDecoder =
  Json.object2 Team ("name" := Json.string) (Json.maybe ("players" := 

playersDecoder: Json.Decoder Players
playersDecoder =
  Json.customDecoder (Json.list playerDecoder) (\pl ->
    Result.Ok (Players pl)

playerDecoder: Json.Decoder Player
playerDecoder = 
  Json.object2 Player ("name" := Json.string) (Json.maybe ("team" := 

Compiling give me the following error

--------------------------------------------------------------- The 2nd 
argument to function `customDecoder` is causing a mismatch. 26|> 
Json.customDecoder (Json.list playerDecoder) (\pl ->
27|> Result.Ok (Players pl) Function `customDecoder` is expecting the 2nd 
argument to be: List { name : String, team : Maybe Team } -> Result String a 
it is: List Players -> Result a Players Hint: I always figure out the type 
of arguments from left to right. If an
argument is acceptable when I check it, I assume it is "correct" in 
checks. So the problem may actually be in how previous arguments interact 
the 2nd.

I'm wondering why this is the case? Shouldn't the pl variable inside of the 
anon func be a List Players based on the type signature of 
Json.customDecoder? How can I decode into the Team type alias?


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