Hi. I'm looking to build a custom serial port terminal program. It'll 
receive a binary format that needs to be made human readable (and plotted). 

It would be awesome if I could write my app in Electron, using Elm. 

Besides giving me a framework (so I can avoid React and Angular), it seems 
Elm can also help me decode the protocol in a uniquely concise way. 

First things first: how do I access the node serial port 
(https://www.npmjs.com/package/serialport) in Elm? 

Looking forward to get started in Elm!


PS In the days before Elm 0.17 was released I could sense an excitement in 
the air (and I had no clues about what was to happen, no contact). In 
contrast with this excitement I have the feeling the 0.17 release may be 
seen by the public as a step back: in the eyes of the feeble Elm became a 
framework instead of a language. In other words Elm became less powerful 
and a special purpose tool. I hope to prove myself wrong :)

Some links that might be useful:

- github.com/rwaldron/johnny-five is an Arduino based Robotics platform

- The barebones to using Elm with Electron: 

- This may be an even better resource: 

Finally, this page has some code showing the kind of serial port code 


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