I keep postponing this for a few weeks but today my partner decided to stop
the collaboration and I'll take advantage of this moment to write this post


I was approached by a friend few months ago about a B2B project that was
supposed to help small businesses issue beautiful invoices. It was suppose
to be a free product that would synergize with some other products that his
business was already delivering. I was supposed to implement it and he
would do all the marketing and promotion.

Having total freedom, I decided to use Elm to implement the platform in
cooperation with another part-time programmer that would do a JSON backend
in PHP.

The product required that the interface would be modern, responsive,
dynamic and look great.

*Beginning Phase*

The first phase of the development was dominated by personal attempts at
reimplementing reactive design elements such as drawers that show on big
screens and hide on small devices. After a few buggy attempts I ended up
trowing everything away and switching to elm-mdl.

A considerable amount of time was also invested at this point to set up
some kind of automatic build environment. I ended up with a solution based
on gulp.

*Middle Phase *

Once the build environment was set up, things started to move a little
faster. I then ended up needing CSS and after playing a little bit with
elm-css and hitting several missing properties I decided to implement my
own library, taking inspiration from all 3 libraries that were dealing with
style (rtfeldman/elm-css, elm-style and massung/elm-css). In hindsight this
might have been a rather bad idea for productivity reasons but I have
learned a lot.

*Ending Phase *

After I passed the 5000 LOC mark, things really started to crumble around
me. My mind could no longer deal with the complexity I have created.
Most of the brain cyles in this phase have been wasted trying to use the
little JS I know to try and somehow add to my Elm UI some widgets that I
needed. I have failed.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to add some Dropdowns to
some forms I had, ending up reimplementing part of them in Elm and using
some CSS form the Semantic UI project.

Another large amount of time was spent trying to integrate a carousel. I
ended up reimplementing a bare bone version in pure Elm.

By the end, the code grew to about 8000 LOC of Elm.

*Conclusions *

- *Elm is an amazing language.* I've had countless moments of sheer
pleasure programing in Elm for this app.
- *Elm lacks the full story. *My main hope was that I could implement the
app even if I had very little CSS or JS knowledge. I could not do this. Elm
does not have yet something that would allow someone to stop touching CSS.
-* I would not recommend webdev beginners to take the approach I took.* It
is better for now to stay the tried and proven path and just use Elm to
implement smaller components in another web framework.
- *The tooling around producing a deliverable elm webapp are simply not
ready yet.*

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
If any of you has curiosities around this experience, feel free to ask me
anything. :)

There is NO FATE, we are the creators.
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