On Monday, September 19, 2016 at 6:18:33 PM UTC+1, Rex van der Spuy wrote:
> CSS is hell-on-wheels: the most time I've spent debugging my Elm apps have 
> not been with my Elm code, but with the CSS.
> Hey, Elm Community, we've solved JavaScript now we need a real solution to 
> CSS! :)

I have decided to just stick with keeping the CSS out of Elm. Partly 
because I need to share the CSS with other projects that are not using Elm. 
Partly because I already have a good understanding of how to make use of 
SCSS and Compass. Partly because it seems quicker and easier to develop the 
CSS and test it with some static HTML served up by node express. Partly 
because learning to use elm-css is just one thing too many for me to figure 
out now.

So it feels to me that Elm is neither helping or hindering my styling 
efforts - yes, CSS can be very time consuming. 

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