HI folks,

It would be nice to change add user friendly names to both elm-repl and elm 
online editor with possible additional Mascots.

For example 

elm-repl could be called                 elmR 
elm online editor could be called    elmo

So we would have elmR and elmO sitting under an Elm Tree (Elm logo as an 
Elm tree(.

I think this would give Elm more appeal to younger folks and pretty kool 
logos which could be used
for Conference giveaways and  T-Shirts and stuff.

I think a little marketing would increase appeal!

Referring to elmR and elmO is much nicer than having to refer to items by 
their cold proper names.

I presume there are some great artist in this forum who could come up with 
some kool ideas for these character logos

ElmR, Elmo, Elm.

Evan what do you say?


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