Op dinsdag 11 oktober 2016 09:45:57 UTC+2 schreef Did:
> Thanks for your reply! Is there a better way to do this or this is a 
> common solution in elm?

Well, this is the best way I can think of :)

But seriously, as soon as your app grows, some functions in this setup may 
become big and bloated, with lots of unnecessarily repeated code. Then (and 
only then) you may want to separate out some functions to separate files.
That would very much depend on the direction in which your app will grow 
first, e.g.:

   - If your article gets 20 fields instead of , you could put all fields 
   in a Dict, and have a generic update function that takes a key, and updates 
   the field in the Dict.
   - If you get extensive validation on fields, you may have separate 
   validation on fields before updating model.
   - If your ID will be provided by a server, rather than your client, that 
   bit of code may change.
   - If IDs are generated in the client in lots of other places, you could 
   have a separate ID generator helper.
   - If you want to allow editing of an existing single line, you will need 
   to need a modify (instead of add) function
   - If you want to allow editing multiple lines at once, ..
   - Etcetera

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