I need to extract a header when an http response comes in, and inject a 
header when a request goes out. These headers are not specific to the lower 
level pages/modules/components/children...

I have an API module that formats requests, checks responses, extracts 
headers, etc. Currently I pass the header value to inject into the API 
module from each child who makes an API call, and receive back the 
extracted header value within each child API call, to pass those up to the 

It's not so much the passing through the hierarchy at issue (it's a pretty 
flat hierarchy as it is) that concerns me. It's more about the coupling of 
concerns. I feel like I'm missing something.

What I want is hit an api, such as Api.sendJson modelToSend, which creates 
a task which is performed with the local messages such as 
(modelSendFailedMsg error) and (modelSendSuccess responseVal). But the 
coupling mentioned above means I have to do Api.sendJson modelToSend 
globalValueToInjectIntoHeader, and then coming back, rather than having a 
single task with local messages, I need a local task with the local model, 
and I need a global/root task to handle processing the extracted header 

I have read the other related threads, but nothing stood out as a more 
cleanly architected solution. Has anybody come up with a more elegant 
solution for these global service layers?

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