Personally, I like the setup for as it is used in the time tracker SPA 
example (here) 

They have a separate file (Util.elm) with the following function:
cmdForRoute : Model -> List (Cmd Msg)

(This function is called inside the update function)
It generates a list of Cmd Msg.

inside cmdForRoute, various API functions are called.

The API is in a separate file, with specific functions for certain read or 
write calls, like: 
fetchProjects : Model -> (Http.Error -> Msg) -> (List Project -> Msg) -> Cmd 
fetchProjects model errorMsg msg =
    get model "/projects" Decoders.projectsDecoder errorMsg msg

Each of those functions calls a more generic "get" or "put" function, which 
does the actual calls to server:
get : Model -> String -> JD.Decoder a -> (Http.Error -> Msg) -> (a -> Msg) 
-> Cmd Msg
get model path decoder errorMsg msg =

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