It probably sounds insane that Elm doesn't have `for` or `while`. It would 
to me before exposure to functional programming.

There are prebuilt functions for working with collections like List 
<> and Array 
<> which will 
take care of most needs.

When you find you need something a bit more custom, a recursive loop is the 
normal way. Those take a little practice to get the feel for them.

Often when I write my own recursive loop, I later find that I can 
accomplish the same by combining list operations or by just playing with 

One current limitation of Elm is that there is no tail call elimination 
when using a recursive loop, so if you write your own loop and have a large 
list, you can get a stack overflow. In practice, this is not a typical 
problem due to other factors. I.e. miles of data on the screen impacts 
performance, and is not considered good UX.

On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 5:52:31 AM UTC-5, Patricia Nicole 
Benedicto wrote:
> hi can i ask what is the repetiton control structucture of this 
> programming languages?

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