I've got a situation where I've got task that will always succeed, and I 
want to know the best practice for using it with Task.perform.

The task itself is a Task.sequence of tasks that may individually fail, and 
I want to report the result - success or failure - for each of them. So 
there's no meaningful failure mode that I can find for the final 

I've seen a suggestion in this group for defining a performSucceed function 
(https://groups.google.com/d/msg/elm-discuss/5Q9ktTuavgY/mGk3PVn7CgAJ), and 
this seems perfectly reasonable to me. But I'm also trying to write elm as 
idiomatically as I can, so I wanted to know if this is generally considered 

Similarly, if my approach (i.e. aggregating a bunch of results into a 
sequence of success-failure Results) is wrong-headed, I'm happy to 
entertain alternative implementations. 

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