On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 7:51 AM, Eric Thomas <eric.l.m.tho...@gmail.com>

> Why is it that the language is entirely dependent on one person? I get
> that Evan is the BDFL but there should be a core community that can approve
> these without his approval.
> As for the book, I do remember that he had an issue with people modifying
> the book from his keynote at Elm-Conf. However, this is the primary
> learning resource people will use to pick up Elm. Nobody wants to sift
> through hundreds of 3rd party blog posts, etc. Elm's success is dependent
> on how good the official guides are.
> If Evan does not want people to make changes to the book, then he should
> host it on his own website.

I admit to being torn by Evan's objectives. I do understand the importance
of ownership and authorship--it's his work and his voice. On the other
hand, I agree that the community's needs are sometimes in conflict with an
ownership model.

Would it make sense to fork the guide and host a "community edition" that
incorporates feedback quickly while Evan pursues his (sometimes separate)

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