I am using Html.Events.on to pick up changes to a property of a Polymer 

        [ items <| Dict.map (\id -> \(Model.Role role) -> Utils.valOrEmpty 
role.name) model.roleLookup
        , initiallySelected <| Dict.map (\id -> \(Model.Role role) -> 
Utils.valOrEmpty role.name) model.selectedRoles
        , onSelectedChanged SelectChanged


onSelectedChanged : (Dict String String -> msg) -> Attribute msg
onSelectedChanged tagger =
    onItemArrayChanged "selected-changed" tagger

onItemArrayChanged : String -> (Dict String String -> msg) -> Attribute msg
onItemArrayChanged propname tagger =
    on propname <| Decode.map tagger <| Decode.map Dict.fromList decodeItems

In other words I am using

on "selected-changed" to trigger notification that the listbox selection 
has changed.

I've added enough debug statements to figure out that everything is working 
as it did on 0.17, but that this 'on' Attribute is failing to receive any 
events in 0.18.

Any thoughts on how to debug further? Anyone else noticed 'on' not working 
as expected?

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