I have been porting a language translation engine from HTML/JS to Elm, and 
it was easy to implement.

The problem is that the dictionary contains 15,000 word pairs.

I can't include those items as Elm files (since Elm-make runs out of 
memory), so I decided to put them in a JSON file and import that.

It works when I load the application, but as soon as I start interacting 
with the app, the console logs the error:

Main.elm:1381 Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
    at Object.cmp (Main.elm:1381)
    at Function.compare [as func] (Main.elm:1162)
    at A2 (Main.elm:92)
    at Function.func (Main.elm:4598)
    at A2 (Main.elm:92)
    at Main.elm:8952
    at Main.elm:16
    at A2 (Main.elm:93)
    at Function.func (Main.elm:5075)
    at A2 (Main.elm:92)

Does anyone have any idea how I can circumvent this problem? Thanks.

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