The other 2 modes of doing this failed as follows:

1) db.json. The JSON loaded fine, according to the Debug.log, but the 
program failed on the first user input.

That is, when I changed the input

[textarea [cols 70,rows 20,placeholder "Enter text here", onInput Change ] 


Change s -> ({model | sourcetext = s},Cmd.none)

.. the call stack error occurred. Theoretically, the Decoding had occurred 
prior to any user input, but who knows

2) The pure Elm approach

I began with the dictionary in one huge Elm variable

List (String,String)

then, after doing some reading about compiler crashes, cut it into several 

dictionary : List Word
dictionary = [D1.words,D2.words,D3.words ..... ] |> List.concat |> makeWords

makeWord : (String,String) -> Word 
makeWord (e,t) = Word e t

makeWords : List (String,String) -> List Word 
makeWords = makeWord

But it still wouldn't compile.

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