Hey Elm-guys and Elm-gals! 👋

I have this toy-project 
where I’m getting my feet wet with Elm, and I’ve found an approach to 
compose view function that’s a bit different than what The Elm Architecture 
recommends. 🤓

Because I found message transformation (mapping 
between nested components to be counterintuitive, I left out messages, for 
the most part. I only have one 
for the whole app: 🙃

type Msg
    = Update Model (Cmd Msg) (Sub Msg)

update : Msg -> Model -> ( Model, Cmd Msg )update msg model =
    case msg of
        Update model cmd sub ->
            ( { model | subscription = sub }, cmd )

Only the top component references it 
and from then on I use callback-style functions 
for wiring up the nested components:

view : Dosar -> (Dosar -> Cmd msg -> Sub msg -> msg) -> Html msgview (Dosar 
data) callback =
        c data =
            callback (Dosar data)
        div []
            [ h1 [] [ text "Dosar nou" ]
            , Temei.view data.temei (\v -> c { data | temei = v })
            , DocumentExecutoriu.view data.documentExecutoriu (\v -> c { data | 
documentExecutoriu = v } Cmd.none Sub.none)
            , Actiune.view data.actiune (\v -> c { data | actiune = v })

and also for event handlers 

unlabeledTextField : String -> (String -> msg) -> List (Html 
msg)unlabeledTextField defaultValue callback =
    [ input
        [ value defaultValue
        , onInput callback

It seems to work well so far, and coming from JS I find this style a bit 
more familiar conceptually: I only have functions and values. 🤓

I am at about 184K of Elm now, and I’m wondering if anyone else have tried 
to do it this way and maybe found some gotchas that I should be aware of. 
In particular, with regards to how the code compiles to JS and maybe other 
Elm’s inner workings. 🤔

Cheers! 🤠

(NOTE: If you want to browse the code, please use this 
revision: https://github.com/gurdiga/xo.elm/tree/9fe9bd1. After that I’m 
bringing in elm-mdl 
<http://package.elm-lang.org/packages/debois/elm-mdl/8.1.0>, and the code 
will probably get too noisy for the purpose of this conversation. 🙂)

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