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> In my app I have a large data entry form where initial fields determine
> which subsequent fields will be. It’s my understanding that every change to
> the model should be its own message. So far I have 50 fields in total (and
> there will probably be more) — does this mean that I need to have 50 things
> in my Msg? Or am I seeing it wrong? 🤓
> Yes, you need to handle all 50 things in your Msg but you don't need to
have all 50 tags in the main Msg.

You can handle things in chunks.
Here is the Forms example altered to show one way to approach this:

Here is another way to structure that code:

And yet another way to structure it:

What might be appropriate to do in your case depends on the shape of the
data. If the data can be split in smaller records that make sense maybe you
should split it.
If the data cannot be split and just needs to be one large record, then
maybe you can split just the updates in some manner that makes sense to you
and keep passing the same big record to all the update functions (second
link from above)

Needless to say that what you have above is only one section extracted.
With multiple sections you will just have one root Msg for each section and
update functions for each section.

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