Hi Mitch

Were you able to create writeup? 

I am about to start using Elm with WebRTC.


On Monday, 8 August 2016 19:21:37 UTC+5:30, Berry Groenendijk wrote:
> Hi Mitch,
> I am very much interested in your writeup. I am writing a prototype for an 
> app. I am just building the front-end, the UI in Elm. No back-end. And I 
> thought... wouldn't it be nice to share the in-memory data between browsers 
> that have the app open. So, I looked at WebRTC. But, then I found Orbit-db (
> https://github.com/haadcode/orbit-db). A distributed peer-to-peer 
> database build on top of IPFS. It is still very beta software. I got some 
> basic functionality working using ports. Unfortunately, the database does 
> not seem to sync between clients... But, I like the idea. Building Elm apps 
> with storage in a distributed cloud.
> So, I am looking forward to your writeup!
> Berry
> Op maandag 8 augustus 2016 14:51:44 UTC+2 schreef White Jack:
>> Hi Mitch,
>> thanks a lot for sharing. Have you created port of some existing JS 
>> library or created ELM implementation from scratch?
>> On Sunday, 15 March 2015 18:15:08 UTC-4, Mitch Spradlin wrote:
>>> Hello everyone,
>>> I'm fairly new to Elm and as a part of the learning process I wrote an 
>>> Elm application that uses WebRTC to connect peers to each other to create a 
>>> distributed network that allows users to chat with each other. After 
>>> showing it to some people, they encouraged me to create a writeup about how 
>>> WebRTC and Elm can interoperate. However, not having written much about 
>>> software other than documentation, I would appreciate any thoughts on what 
>>> subtopics would be interesting to discuss and which ones are not as 
>>> interesting to cover.
>>> The writeup probably wouldn't be super long and would focus on the 
>>> current state of using WebRTC in and Elm application. After a broad-strokes 
>>> summary of WebRTC and how it can be brought together with Elm using ports, 
>>> I would explore some possible patterns that come from using ports to have 
>>> the kind of one-way effects characteristic of this use case. I would then 
>>> talk about difficulties that are encountered in this setup and finish with 
>>> how promises (soon to be renamed commands?) will likely change things such 
>>> that writing the Elm side of things in this context will be much easier.
>>> Again, I appreciate any thoughts y'all might have!
>>> Thank you,
>>> Mitch

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