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If you come across further issues related to 6.4 please feel free to
report them in this thread or at http://http://elrepo.org/bugs

There is an issue with the AMD/ATI fglrx drivers and 6.4.

Red Hat updated xorg in 6.4 to version 1.13 and it has a new ABI (v13).

For display drivers to work with xorg they must support the new ABI. The current fglrx packages in the main elrepo repository (version 12.x) do not support the new xorg ABI and will not work with 6.4.

We have built the latest flgrx drivers (version 13.1) which do support xorg 1.13 and they are available in the elrepo testing repository for el6:


However, this new fglrx 13.1 driver *only* supports AMD Radeon HD 7000, HD 6000, HD 5000 Series display controllers.

The legacy driver that now supports older Radeon HD 4000, HD 3000, HD 2000 Series display controllers does NOT support Xorg 1.13 in the 6.4 release.

This means that at present there is no AMD fglrx driver for older hardware (pre HD 5000 series) that will work with 6.4. If users want to update to 6.4 then they will have to uninstall the fglrx packages and revert to using the distro display drivers.

If AMD backport support for xorg 1.13 to their legacy drivers then we will build these for elrepo. The current legacy page is here:


and we are looking for Xserver 1.13 support (currently listed as 1.12 on that page). If support for 1.13 gets added, please feel free to let us know.


PS - there is no issue with the current NVIDIA drivers - the latest current (310.32) and legacy (304.64) drivers both support the 6.4 release (I've not tested older releases).

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