On 20/09/16 17:38, Farkas Levente wrote:
the question of course what does the "supported" means?

for us the supported means that the xvinfo gives us at least 16 port (or
more). unfortunately even with the latest7.3 beta it gives only 1.
what does it means?
it's working! you can start an X or gnome environment etc. but can't
really use the integrated graphics which means only a little bit better
then vesa mode.

unfortunately rh did not even comment my bz:-(

what i collect so far?
fedora 23 and 24 fully support it out of the box.

intel linux graphics latest release 2.0.2:
packages compared with 7.3 beta packages:

* kernel in rhel 7.3 of course only 3.10, but fedora with 4.4 kernel
working so probably 4.4 would be enough? but intel page shows 4.6.

* mesa 11.2.2 in 7.3 ok.

* xf86-video-intel 2.99.917 in 7.3 ok. but the question the build

* libdrm-2.4.68 in 7.3: libdrm-2.4.67, but probably easy to rebuild to
the new version.

* libva-1.7.1 require new version from based on epel.

* vaapi-intel-driver 1.7.1 require new version from based on nux
* cairo-1.15.2 ? in 7.3: cairo-1.14.2 we hope it's enough. i do not
believe we can replace such a basic library.

* Xorg Xserver 1.18.3 now here the funny part:-) in 7.3 it's 1.17.2, but
in the changelog of xf86-video-intel there is rebuild just because
reenable dri, since 7.3 is based on xorg 1.18!?? so either they plan to
rebase to 1.18 or it's an 1.18 looks like an 1.17?!

The 7.3beta has Xorg 1.17.2. The norm over the lifespan of RHEL 6 and 7 has been to update Xorg every other release (see below), so I would expect Xorg to stay at 1.17 for 7.3 and next be updated in 7.4.

Xorg versions in RHEL
RHEL6.0 = 1.7.7
RHEL6.1 = 1.7.7
RHEL6.2 = 1.10.4
RHEL6.3 = 1.10.6
RHEL6.4 = 1.13.0
RHEL6.5 = 1.13.0
RHEL6.6 = 1.15.0
RHEL6.7 = 1.15.0
RHEL6.8 = 1.17.4

RHEL7.0 = 1.15.0
RHEL7.1 = 1.15.0
RHEL7.2 = 1.17.2

* Intel-gpu-tools - 1.15 ? use inside the xorg driver package

the other problem that i's still not able to download the source of the
7.3 beta. either i try to download the source isos or individual
package's src.rpm i always got an error from rh. so i can't look into
the spec file and start to build our own versions.

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