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> This didn't work well for me. I have a SuperMicro X11SSV-Q motherboard
> with an i7-6700 (6th gen i7) processor. When I enable this option, the
> system boots (although I can tell that it does something different, the
> standard font that the bootup messages display in is smaller, and I get a
> bunch of DRM warnings).
> However, once the Centos login screen appears, it is like the screen is
> twice as wide as it is supposed to be, but I can only see the right half of
> the screen on the monitor. The mouse will slide to the left off the border
> and take as much movement to get back on the visible screen. I can blindly
> login using the keyboard, and my desktop appears, but again, only
> apparently the right half. If I move the mouse, say up and down without
> clicking the buttons, it is like it is dragging a shade over the screen
> with the mouse. I can right click, then slide the mouse down and reveal the
> right click menu.
> Obviously it is not really useable in this state.
> Perhaps something in Xorg.conf that needs to be tweaked?
> ​I don't have the relevant hardware, so cannot test, but you may want to
try the options listed here:


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