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Thanks for the news!

Now the next big question, taking a kernel compile as the use case: does anyone have any benchmarks on the built time pre and post BIOS, CPU Instruction, and Compiler fixes say for a non-cutting edge CPU from Intel?


 > STATUS: NOT VULNERABLE (Mitigation: Full generic retpoline)

Hi David,

We have not done any specific performance measurements, but I note a couple of Red Hat articles on the subject:


and there could be further differences between RHEL and elrepo kernels which may or may not be Meltdown/Spectre/retpoline related.

Google will no doubt find you more articles, and you now have the tools to make your own assessment for the throughputs and benchmarks that matter to you.

The only benchmark I routinely run is glmark2 for our nvidia driver releases and I haven't observed any measurable differences pre/post Meltdown/Spectre that do not fall within normal tolerances of the tests.

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