branch: master
commit e5e2f0a23c56cba750f93e74442104222f7f30c5
Author: Wilfred Hughes <>
Commit: Artur Malabarba <>

    Expand docstring. (#16)
    Previously, it wasn't clear how `nameless-insert-name-or-self-insert`
    was different from `nameless-insert-name`, so describe when we self
 nameless.el |    4 +++-
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/nameless.el b/nameless.el
index 735b4d8..0169774 100644
--- a/nameless.el
+++ b/nameless.el
@@ -229,7 +229,9 @@ configured, or if `nameless-current-name' is nil."
         (user-error "No name for current buffer, see 
 (defun nameless-insert-name-or-self-insert (&optional self-insert)
-  "Insert the name of current package, with a hyphen."
+  "Insert the name of current package, with a hyphen.
+If point is in an argument list, or if we're typing an escaped
+character, insert the current character literally instead."
   (interactive "P")
   (let ((l (point)))
     (call-interactively #'self-insert-command)

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