monnier pushed a change to branch scratch/psgml.

        at  b15cae7   Converted sgml-content-indent-function, 
sgml-attribute-indent-function to use defcustom.

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  e439639   Initial revision
       new  c889bb5   Initial revision
       new  4476f48   Parsing and commands using parsing moved to 
       new  f6ebbae   Moving sgml-check-nametoken to psgml-parse.el.
       new  66feb7b   Supporting new menus.
       new  41f618c   Supporting new menus.  List of entities.
       new  2f7da91   Fixing adding customization to DTD menu. New option 
       new  b01de33   (sgml-find-element-of): signal error if pos is end of 
buffer. (sgml-pubid-parts): allow \t and \n as SPACE after text class. 
(sgml-options-menu): add new option. (sgml-find-element-after): rewritten.
       new  5213f28   Move setting of before-change-hook from sgml-parse-to to 
       new  6c4e0a1   (sgml-push-to-param): record file name for external 
parameters. Warn about undefined parameters.
       new  30593fe   Fix typo in error message.
       new  5ecf075   Fix menu building.
       new  973c233   Correcting spelling.
       new  e1d21ef   Reintroducing pre-command-hook. Fix some misspellings. 
Fold element ignores trailing space. No "debug" in options menu.
       new  e4d9e23   New key definitions.
       new  1cdb665   New saved-dtd format (v 2).  With support for more than 
256 elements.
       new  fd1812b   New saved-dtd format (v 2).  With support for more than 
256 elements.
       new  d5b5b09   (sgml-default-dtd-file): handle (buffer-file-name) is nil.
       new  d0e7d10   (sgml-read-number): change to defsubst.
       new  31261dd   Handel version 2 of saved DTD format.
       new  417b0f9   (sgml-read-number): remove variale binding.
       new  0c901c7   fix missspelling
       new  630b0a7   Add version variable.
       new  43648d5   Fix sgml-buffer-entities buffer local. Introduce 
       new  605e4f3   Lota changes  sgml-element view of parse tree
       new  b1bc8f0   Changing menus.
       new  cba3a96   Fix bug in indent-line.
       new  f5b18bb   New options. Changed command-start-skip. New keys.
       new  baf2b02   Better sgml-insert-eleme.
       new  0dcc72d   Fixing autoloads.
       new  d4f7259   Fix small bug in sgml-mode. Put props for face properties.
       new  07a7d72   Use text attributes in Edit attribute buffer.
       new  2c5ba9d   Fix a spelling error.
       new  813b82e   Fixing som docstrings.  Change menu Sgml to SGML. Step 
version variable to 0.3a2.
       new  e72b05d   FIx bug in notice change. Support empty start tag, for 
OMITTAG YES at least.
       new  0f56303   (sgml-note-change-at): don't set end of element to nil if 
the element is empty.
       new  38d2371     * psgml-parse.el (sgml-parse-nametoken-string): new 
function.   (sgml-gname-symbol): new function.      (sgml-check-nametoken): use 
above functions.    (sgml-parse-attribute-specification-list): use  
sgml-parse-nametoken-string.    (sgml-parse-attribute-value-specification): 
dito.       (sgml-find-name-for-value): take and return string.     
(sgml-quote-attribute-value): new function.     (sgml-extract-attribute-value): 
take TYPE argument; don't do    quoting.        (sgml-edit-attrib-finish): [...]
       new  28e9f41     * psgml-dtd.el (sgml-parse-nametoken-group): don't 
assume       sgml-check-nametoken skips leading PS.  (sgml-parse-entity-text): 
fix marked section type.
       new  2e799fc   Fix misspelled variable name.
       new  2ae70bf   New tab command. New user option to tag regions when 
region is active even if transient marks mode is off.
       new  ba09a30   Reuse loaded or parsed DTD from other buffer if possible.
       new  db51a51   Support reuse of loaded or parsed DTD from other buffer 
if possible.
       new  c29821b   Fix bug in sgml-load-dtd. Fix bug in 
       new  603b379   Moved sgml-indent-or-tab to psgml from psgml-parse.
       new  7a11661   Implement sgml-parent-document.
       new  2a2fa10   Remve excessive )
       new  54839b0   Initial revision
       new  11aca25   Initial revision
       new  429a794   Installing William Perry's changes for lucid 
       new  5608419   *** empty log message ***
       new  a51027e   Handle unclosed end tag in parse-end-tag and in 
normalize. Fix sgml-do-fill.
       new  d7d78d0   Fix bug in sgml-parse-attribute-specification-list. Add 
eval-and-compile around autoload.
       new  361d70f   Move sgml-doctype-insert here. Some changes to 
edit-attributes to better support Lucid, does not work any how.
       new  247880f   Fixing menus.
       new  dde27ef   Use case-fold-search when modifying local variables. 
Better lucid support.
       new  2445380   Make sgml-fill-element give up if it can't break a line.
       new  68a3310   Adding some end-open t text-attributes in 
edit-attributes, this is from wperry for Lucid, no help for 19.8 thoug.
       new  04bc435   Stepping version. Adding autoload to silence compiler.
       new  812bcc2   Comment out add-text-properties.
       new  ac661ea   Fix handling of empty start-tag when omittag is nil.
       new  382a737   Fix loading of menu file.
       new  56953bc   Offer to save buffers before running validator.
       new  e89b241   Bump version number.
       new  91ee86c   Lots of changes.
       new  7ae337f   Fix syntax error in some interactive declarations.
       new  5042493   (sgml-attribute-buffer): make category rear-nonsticky
       new  f7f5c5a   Adding submit bug report menu entry.
       new  d307218   Fixing some bugs. Adding send bug report menu entry.
       new  5374c6e   Fixing text properties and edit attributes for Lucid.
       new  34cb553   Bump version and add sgml-submit-bug-report.
       new  9e3d55d   Bumping version to 0.3b.
       new  636581f   New types for attributes: declaration and specification. 
Fixing attribute handling; respect shorttag and omittag. New inserting commands 
and menus. Parser now respects sgml-omittag and sgml-shorttag variables.
       new  3186467   New types for attributes: declaration and specification. 
DTD parser now accepts ranked element type.
       new  2117e41   Adding support for data tag group in DTD parser.
       new  75ef269   Fixing handling of NET. New public id part %P, whole 
pubid. (sgml-list-valid-tags): Be more informative. (sgml-normalize-content): 
Factor out tag normalizing. (sgml-normalize-start-tag): New function. Insert 
new attspec. (sgml-normalize-end-tag): New function. (sgml-load-dtd): don't 
save expanded file name in sgml-default-dtd-file. (sgml-setup-dtd): Don't check 
if default-dtd-file exists.  Let load-dtd give error if it don't. 
(sgml-set-doctype): set sgml-activce-dtd- [...]
       new  c3ed8f2   Make some variables buffer local. New option: 
sgml-shortag. Conservative defaults. Variable sgml-active-dtd-indicator used in 
mode line. sgml-mode sets mode-line-format. Update autoloads.
       new  8114847   Now recognises shortref and usemap. Cleaning up how 
declarations are handled. Changing some names.
       new  9023b40   Changing some -parse- names to -check- names for better 
naming consistency.
       new  960da12   Add C-c - as sgml-untag-element and C-c C-k as 
sgml-kill-markup. Fix some documentation strings.
       new  fb90998   Add validate.
       new  a93215a   New change-element-name that translates the attribute 
specification list. Delete markup and untag element commands.
       new  901c90d   Track psgml-other.
       new  5ad7f38   Fix exeption bugs.  Handle PCDATA correct by modifying 
the model on the fly.
       new  dd705b7   Fix bugs in parsing data tag groups.
       new  6d7dbd3   Fix bugs attribute handling.      
(sgml-edit-attrib-specification-list): fix      skipping to next attribute      
(sgml-quote-attribute-value): Anchor regexp at buffer limits    instead of 
line. Fix bug in normalizing. Fix handling of NET when parsing CDATA.
       new  0adee66   More informative display from sgml-list-valid-tags. Fix 
white-space for tag insertion. Generalize sgml-doctype-insert. Fixing bugs in 
sgml-note-change-at, sgml-find-start-point, sgml-open-element, 
sgml-find-element-after. Make sgml-kill-element and sgml-mark-element more like 
lisp-mode.  New command sgml-mark-current-element (as old mark element). New 
tag/attribute hiding commands. Code to show current element in mode-line 
       new  4e2a66c   Added code to set face property of markup.  Uses text 
       new  03940f4   (sgml-parse-parameter-literal): fix bug: should not 
recognize delimiter inside parameter reference.
       new  9a84d33   Change to use overlays for setting face on markup.
       new  b0bd7a4   Install Bill P. patch. Special Lucid face setting code. 
Fix use of new sgml-doctype-insert.
       new  19988ed   Special face setting code. Fix use of new 
       new  ef3b970   Generalize fold element to markup declaration outside the 
document element.  Fix bug in setting markup type.
       new  32ac6dc   New variables: sgml-markup-faces 
sgml-buggy-subst-char-in-region sgml-set-face sgml-live-element-indicator
       new  b5a1474   Moved sgml-parse-minimum-literal and sgml-parse-external 
from psgml-parse.
       new  d9b6407   New commands: sgml-split-element (C-c RET): Split the 
current element at point.  If repeated, the containing element will be split 
before the beginning of then current element (and then the element containing 
the containing element).
       new  5bf0b82   Change name of the data structure for element 
declarations from element to sgml-eltype.
       new  f8adda2   Update to track psgml-other. Fix face for #DEFAULT.
       new  942a12f   New menu entry "Insert attribute".
       new  84568f8   New option handling.  New keys and autoloads.
       new  0680188   Fix bug with some pre 19.10 emacs having 
emacs-major-version bound.
       new  f50642f   Remove short cuts from menus.
       new  0155898   (sgml-need-dtd): Do all that is needed to set up a dtd, 
don't call parse.  Break loop if a sgml-parent-document points to the current 
file. (sgml-parse-to): call sgml-need-dtd (sgml-last-element): set markup-type 
to nil, unless actually parsing. (sgml-find-context-of): set sgml-markup-type 
to nil if pos not in the markup.  Don't set sgml-current-state to markup type. 
(sgml-show-context): Display markup type also (sgml-non-fixed-attributes): new 
func. (sgml-insert-att [...]
       new  83b6c21   New var sgml-validate-error-regexps. Bind C-c + to 
       new  77bcb6e   Bump version.
       new  7932e9c   Let sgml-load-dtd use sgml-system-path to find saved DTD. 
Add some docstrings.
       new  f6e9bb3   sgml-show-context: Don't trust sgml-markup-type if 
explicit element is given as argument.
       new  a0492d0   Fix bug in sgml-next-data-field.  And fix some docstrings.
       new  77d299a   Initial revision
       new  e14468d   Fixing public map substitutions.
       new  9d2f01c   *** empty log message ***
       new  15b8fb3   First entry for version 1
       new  1272441   First entry for version 1
       new  669725a   *** empty log message ***
       new  03d2abd   Fixing face setting code.
       new  83b7610   *** empty log message ***
       new  021209b   *** empty log message ***
       new  16ef3f7   SHORTREF support implemented.
       new  96d7c53   sgml-shortref-index must be defined at compile time. 
sgml-update-display instead of sgml-set-live-indicator.
       new  853e94e   *** empty log message ***
       new  0e6bec6   Allow text items in menus.
       new  fecffe4   Shortref expansion. Custom menus via kbd -- from David 
       new  ebea642   Fix bugs in ranked group parsing, shortref creation 
before entities defined, ANY not marked as mixed..
       new  0c026b0   Better overlay handling.
       new  f339a4d   Don't add menus before "Help".
       new  300347f   Support expanding shortrefs. Avoid consing to record 
entity manager info from buffer local variables.
       new  2dc6e39   *** empty log message ***
       new  f175928   Use format on sgml-validate-command
       new  2f26d34   A lot of tuning.
       new  3ae0395   Fix bug with %Y subst. Make it possible to have relative 
files in sgml-catalog-files.
       new  6433ca3   Fix bugs parsing shortrefs. Add code to clean up after 
failure in entity.
       new  2cca6b9   Additional tuning and a bug fix. Check for end tag before 
skipping cdata.
       new  2ebd146   Tunings and new optimization for */+.
       new  1aa7716   *** empty log message ***
       new  de8302d   *** empty log message ***
       new  2e4692a   *** empty log message ***
       new  a9a5295   Move sgml-set-markup-type.
       new  e9fbf70   Hooks and stuff to support mapping.
       new  0e9b589   *** empty log message ***
       new  fb6867b   *** empty log message ***
       new  13f5241   Bug 27 fixed.
       new  65a9b2b   First go at new compiled DTD support.
       new  7e29d8a   Catalogue for compiled dtds implemented and working.
       new  9dfd142   Rewriting the catalogue support, same caching for ECAT 
       new  98a2bda   Completed support for compiled DTDs.
       new  3566640   *** empty log message ***
       new  777c43e   Change sgml-next-trouble-spot to use new option of 
       new  3606e18   (sgml-merge-eltypes): don't overwrite values in old 
       new  6200176   (sgml-before-eltype-modification): use sgml-merge-eltypes 
instead of sgml-copy-eltypes.
       new  6440c80   Don't show current shortmap in list-valid-tags.
       new  1da8b40   *** empty log message ***
       new  74de3b1   Remove some now unneeded code.
       new  d2d9bab   Make sure run-hook-with-args is defined.
       new  2f894cc   *** empty log message ***
       new  4e0565d   (sgml-try-merge-compiled-dtd): Immediately exit entity 
check loop if discrepancy found.
       new  3fab8ed   Fixed bug that made undefined but used elements not 
appear in the initial list of elements in the saved DTD.
       new  1488951   Initial revision
       new  be150b4   *** empty log message ***
       new  4a2ba5c   *** empty log message ***
       new  1e86846   *** empty log message ***
       new  092ec0f   *** empty log message ***
       new  a152c95   *** empty log message ***
       new  a89a1de   Remove use of easy-menu-change.
       new  6e6e4ed   Add ranges to multipart menus.
       new  27cd3e4   Fix bug 29.
       new  2a5bb29   *** empty log message ***
       new  ee78ab4   *** empty log message ***
       new  7fc4938   *** empty log message ***
       new  b1fd7d6   Make recompiling outdated compiled DTD optional 
       new  1a1d702   Installed patch to mark element functions.
       new  89593ae   (sgml-tag-regexp): make it handle unclosed tags and net 
       new  30d265e   (struct sgml-tree): new field asl, constuctor changed. 
(sgml-open-element): pass asl to sgml-make-tree 
(sgml-element-attribute-specification-list): use sgml-tree-asl.
       new  0f21098   (sgml-insert-element): Leave point at the end of the 
       new  1211337   This should have been checked in long ago.
       new  6cf8f52   * Id 37: sgml-kill-element with cursor inside tag fixed.
       new  dfc1fe1   Bug Id 38: auto-fill breaks pubid, fixed 
(sgml-do-auto-fill): new function, won't auto-fill outside document element 
(sgml-need-dtd): set auto-fill-function.
       new  af01c68   Loading CDTDs in binary on MS-DOG. Don't use new argument 
to insert-file-contents. Don't insert tab in indent-line in prolog. Better 
error handling in sgml-indent-line. Better error recovery for out of context 
       new  43d73f2   Fix problems with sgml-indent-line
       new  b9dd0e5   * Id 41: selecting from a popup menu should not be an 
error Installing patch from Tim Bradshaw <>, Also fixing 
consequences. Also making new menu function sgml-popup-multi-menu, which uses 
call-back style. Nicer attributes menu.
       new  087b7fb   Finish error recovery changes.
       new  cbe4f85   Id 35: Entity manager handling of system id, fixed.
       new  d8df395   Id 34: CATALOG searching priorities, fixed. 
(sgml-catalog-lookup): Giv PUBLIC entries priority over ENTITY and DOCTYPE
       new  a8c3310   Patch installed. From: Joachim Schrod 
<>     Did not search DTD file via 
sgml-system-path, as advertised. Actually, the search was done, but then the 
relative path was pushed as the current entity.
       new  5e592a2   Various.
       new  8779188   *** empty log message ***
       new  f996f59   Fix bug handling empty elements in sgml-list-implications.
       new  54369e1   (sgml-try-merge-compiled-dtd): entd should be ents. need 
erase-buffer in sgml-push-to-entity.
       new  59e38dc   Autoloads updated.
       new  a417aeb   Set file-type in sgml-write-dtd (for oemacs).
       new  04f08c9   Fix bug in sgml-list-implications if both start and 
end-tags where implied. (I don't think valid SGML can have empty elements with 
implied tags).
       new  170d0e6   Fix shortref bug 48.
       new  0dff97a   (sgml-do-data): move start after data consumed
       new  0d506a6   Hook to construct attribute specification lists for new 
       new  bee27a3   New CATALOG parsing.
       new  518c202   Complete transition to easymenu.
       new  43b268e   sgml-general-info reworked.
       new  e2f62e9   New attribute of extid is current directory where defined.
       new  31dda01   New variable sgml-doctype and changed function of 
sgml-parent-document. New possibilities with sgml-validate-command.
       new  8dd96de   Bug fixes.
       new  4984e59   DTD-menu fixed.
       new  5d0441d   Fix custom-markup menu.
       new  7af945a   Fix bug with short ref.
       new  7c76214   fix typo.
       new  20761bc   Follow up variable name change.
       new  2239d16   Initial revision
       new  f478135   Fix bug in sgml-map-content.
       new  1069bf9   Fix incompatibility in sgml-ductom-dtd (bug 57).
       new  9033ae0   sgml-map-content can now take function to map data entity 
       new  c8a1204   Fixed order of attributes.
       new  2bbd40a   New options for formatting inserted elements. New 
function: sgml-trim-and-leave-element. Fixed bugs in sgml-last-element handling.
       new  8c526a2   Provide buffer-substring-no-properties as an alias.
       new  4e6b790   Added new entry to modify menu.
       new  dc244d1   Added support for sgml-map-content to map entity 
references. Changed sgml-update-display. Using buffer-substring-no-properties 
where appropriate.
       new  4423b69   Added options: sgml-insert-missing-element-comment, 
sgml-insert-end-tag-on-new-line. Added nsgmls error message regexp to 
       new  b777bd7   sgml-map-content: use max from main buffer when setting 
parser goal. (fix bug 75).
       new  8fbd6db   *** empty log message ***
       new  470ddc8   Changed names with &.
       new  29fbc42   Various fixes.
       new  fe415b9   Take exceptions into consideration when computing allowed 
content tokens. Better display of "occur-in" elements.
       new  3b55e18   Uses easy-menu. Menu bar stuff moved to psgml.el.
       new  2a4abe3   Menu bar stuff moved to psgml.el
       new  6197e73   Changed names with &. Fixed various bugs. Changed 
       new  e19d790   Moved menu bar stuff here.
       new  783de5b   Work-around for easymenu redefines button 3 on XEmacs.
       new  77e21e4   (sgml-push-to-entity): remove binding before/after change 
functions. This probably made them nil in the main buffer.
       new  1399bc1   (sgml-get-and-move): use sgml-final not 
sgml-state-final-p. In this case the substate can be a AND-state.
       new  30a76b5   New debug functions.
       new  a4d6a80   New version. Use nsgmls as default validator. Changed 
error regexps.
       new  1387912   Change place of sgml-final.. Fix handling of 
       new  ab0965f   Move special pop-up menu to S-mouse-3. Add new variables 
after-change-functions before-change-functions.
       new  770cfce   Kludge problem with 16bit character references.
       new  fe49df1   Updated for 1.0
       new  594ed52   Initial revision
       new  e51ee95   Changed version.
       new  078005f   *** empty log message ***
       new  f4e2d27   Fixed bug in sgml-modify-dtd.
       new  2f68b9e   *** empty log message ***
       new  d1431bc   Better error recovery for 
sgml-parse-attribute-specification-list. sgml-cache-catalog: remove 
       new  72cecba   Copyright updated
       new  a4d1743   Better fill handling.
       new  5730b33   Incorporated from David.
       new  e1e2f33   Stepped version number. Support for xml-mode in 
       new  6607045   Better support for XML.
       new  183e66b   Added recognition of PSGML NOFILL to 
(sgml-do-processing-instruction). Implemented CATALOG entries in catalogs.
       new  a45ab8c   *** empty log message ***
       new  4bbcbcc   *** empty log message ***
       new  8bc2c45   Change case of keywords.
       new  5b93d25   *** empty log message ***
       new  0734574   *** empty log message ***
       new  c234561   *** empty log message ***
       new  79c724d   V 1.1.1 Checkin
       new  2badc31   *** empty log message ***
       new  06e7549   Fixed search order for CATALOG entries in catalogs.
       new  4342203   *** empty log message ***
       new  4003306   Installed patch from Matthias Clasen 
       new  976d1e6   Final 1.1.2 fixes..
       new  4c85452   Added experimental sgml-add-element-to-element command.
       new  ecd667c   *** empty log message ***
       new  b6cbd62   *** empty log message ***
       new  c7569ab   *** empty log message ***
       new  eeacfeb   *** empty log message ***
       new  92876c1   *** empty log message ***
       new  4996fff   *** empty log message ***
       new  eba703b   *** empty log message ***
       new  6e8b6c0   Changed version number on CDTD
       new  2bf892a   *** empty log message ***
       new  3ffe84a   *** empty log message ***
       new  a0ae567   *** empty log message ***
       new  1595769   *** empty log message ***
       new  96a6c4a   *** empty log message ***
       new  33276ad   *** empty log message ***
       new  51a3ec7   *** empty log message ***
       new  122c7b4   *** empty log message ***
       new  3178976   *** empty log message ***
       new  f353bcb   Test cases
       new  9073d55   *** empty log message ***
       new  3b2f56b   *** empty log message ***
       new  bd733ab   *** empty log message ***
       new  6fba0b7   moved sgml-option-value-indicator from psgml-edit to psgml
       new  076d4aa   Some XEmacs fixes.
       new  12950b8   XEmacs fixes
       new  b06dc2e   XEmacs prompted fixes.
       new  9bca003   *** empty log message ***
       new  82ca131   Bug fixes: insert "mode: xml" for xml-mode and "mode: 
sgml" otherwise add end-tag to empty xml-elements before inserting an element
       new  1fd4c72   Fix spelling
       new  158c267   *** empty log message ***
       new  bc9e610   Added defsetf for fs-char.
       new  79dd360   *** empty log message ***
       new  39abae4   *** empty log message ***
       new  00e37e1   *** empty log message ***
       new  dc143ae   Avoid moving overlays without psgml-type attribute.
       new  d117811   Minor fixes
       new  7c690da   Added sub-style
       new  ebc059e   New profiling setup
       new  df2706d   Rewrite sgml-do-move for speed in common case
       new  70be260   (sgml-tag-regexp): Recognize XMLs empty tags.
       new  7f5897e   *** empty log message ***
       new  15b08e4   Added check for empty attribute list in 
       new  033811b   Added child move to fs-element
       new  4ded3c7   Apply sgml-general-case to attribute name for interactive 
sgml-insert-attribute. Don't test for non empty asl in sgml-edit-attrib. A lot 
of changes in handling text attributes when in attribute edit mode.
       new  fbe3448   New default for sgml-display-char-list-filename.
       new  4bf822c   Moved to directory doc
       new  349e2a4   *** empty log message ***
       new  586b579   *** empty log message ***
       new  f97a3c7   Carry XML-ness to parsed text entities.
       new  41567b6   *** empty log message ***
       new  acb4cdb   *** empty log message ***
       new  23a52a8   Make sgml-declaration local variable
       new  17a8ff9   Always start element on new line when splitting.
       new  d7e76ad   *** empty log message ***
       new  e7de097   *** empty log message ***
       new  fd8d85a   New version number
       new  cab02a9   *** empty log message ***
       new  e31cf31   *** empty log message ***
       new  ddda21d   *** empty log message ***
       new  b969d0c   *** empty log message ***
       new  e0dd358   *** empty log message ***
       new  9cf1e29   *** empty log message ***
       new  5220fac   *** empty log message ***
       new  3efe8cc   Don't use remembred tree pos in XML mode
       new  3b2fc1f   Some more info for element types
       new  a70ab91   *** empty log message ***
       new  dccbc29   (sgml-modify-dtd): use sgml-general-case on names         
from modifier. (sgml-note-change-at): If in XML mode and        previous char 
is /, back up one char. This allows for the />    delimiter to be recognized 
even if the start tag has been       previously parsed as an improperly ended 
       new  7fcc914   Removed junk
       new  a7f838d   *** empty log message ***
       new  f4b8007   Put back erase-buffer in push-to-entity
       new  e33e7a3   New test case
       new  6fa9d80   Remove install dirs
       new  233bcd5   *** empty log message ***
       new  ea21cc1   psgml-parse.el (sgml-parse-to): Let 
sgml-with-parser-syntax wrap  a bigger chunk of the code to make sure the 
syntax table is set up      before any buffer changes.
       new  a39f2c7   *** empty log message ***
       new  7d1c124   *** empty log message ***
       new  c4cac12   *** empty log message ***
       new  2f0011f   *** empty log message ***
       new  9591d33   Added coding marker
       new  98121b5   *** empty log message ***
       new  87c295c   *** empty log message ***
       new  bebdbee   (sgml-change-element-name): Add end-tag event if original 
element is empty. (hmm this isn't quite right). Also use sgml-find-context-of 
to find element, because -element-of gives the element of the following char.
       new  d0e8049   *** empty log message ***
       new  92702de   *** empty log message ***
       new  e85845f   *** empty log message ***
       new  2b85ae4   Added code for new sgml-show-element-....
       new  cdaf0bd   (sgml-indent-line): compute indentation from context, not 
element under point. Did this change once before but had to back it out. This 
time take care of omitted end-tags by choosing parent element as context, if 
point is at the very end of the element. Don't do special attribute indenting 
for elements that occur in data context.
       new  55ca8fa   (sgml-describe-element-type): Use sgml-princ-names for 
occurs in section.
       new  dbb35a0   *** empty log message ***
       new  9b5e9f8   * psgml-edit.el (sgml-complete): Transform case on 
inserted names using sgml-general-insert-case or sgml-entity-insert-case.
       new  f6aa11b   Added test case 15
       new  851f520   * psgml-edit.el (sgml-attr-clean-and-insert): new 
command. Used to automatically remove #DEFAULT when a character is typed. 
(sgml-attr-default-keymap): keymap used as only for #DEFAULT in attribute 
       new  739f5e6   *** empty log message ***
       new  ab574a1   Show-current element, and new PI handling code
       new  7b1a0cc   (sgml-parse-data): Don't call sgml-parse-loop directly, 
use sgml-parse-continue.
       new  27f0152   (sgml-parse-parameter-literal): use 
buffer-substring-no-properties .
       new  ebf2558   *** empty log message ***
       new  2e13b17   *** empty log message ***
       new  bd7268f   Bug fixing indenting. Also prepare for new feature, 
pluggable indentation algorithm.
       new  c8602d3   Change timing for eval of hang-from characteristics.
       new  d1eaa6c   Some debugging code.
       new  fc2bfd5   *** empty log message ***
       new  6e9a1c3   bugfix
       new  96650b8   Fix missing space for unspecified required attributes.
       new  367312f   *** empty log message ***
       new  e286335   Fixed comment.
       new  f281ccc   *** empty log message ***
       new  936ab00   Factor out sgml-print-attlist
       new  d17d1e0   Added support for title
       new  3d50f2e   Bugfix
       new  c274bdc   *** empty log message ***
       new  1d89c9f   * psgml-edit.el (sgml-insert-attributes): check new option
       new  03ac015   * psgml.el (sgml-insert-defaulted-attributes): new option
       new  5fc8430   *** empty log message ***
       new  92c716f   * psgml-parse.el (sgml-find-start-point): renamed to 
sgml-goto-start-point, to indicate that this actually changes the point and 
buffer. And should always be called inside sgml-with-parser-syntax. 
(sgml-with-parser-syntax-ro): As sgml-with-parser-syntax also handle restoring 
buffer modification state. (sgml-last-buffer): New state variable 
(sgml-with-parser-syntax): set sgml-last-buffer (sgml-mainbuf-point): new 
function (sgml-max-pos-in-tree): new function (sgml-upd [...]
       new  6ba1dd9   * psgml-api.el (sgml-map-content): Use 
       new  94e84e7   *** empty log message ***
       new  fa64220   * psgml-edit.el (sgml-indent-line): new strategy for 
identifying elements
       new  c244290   *** empty log message ***
       new  620440c   Patch from Marc-Antoine Parent
       new  7203b1b   *** empty log message ***
       new  991648f   * psgml-info.el: Add provide psgml-info
       new  f254323   * psgml.el (sgml-mode-map): Bind (meta control h) instead 
of ESC C-h, avoids redefining M-BS
       new  b32690c   *** empty log message ***
       new  f9b081e   *** empty log message ***
       new  094252d   *** empty log message ***
       new  970c1e0   * psgml-parse.el (sgml-push-to-entity): remove debugging 
code (sgml-set-initial-state): Change to use change hooks
       new  4b39e6e   * psgml-other.el (sgml-without-change-hooks): new macro 
(sgml-set-face-for): use new macro
       new  42aa9bc   *** empty log message ***
       new  c3ee547   * psgml-dtd.el (sgml-check-content): check case of 
declared content name. (sgml-parse-exception): fix misspelled function name 
(sgml-declare-entity): Fix wrong case on symbols (sgml-parse-entity-type): for 
consistency, don't downcase entity type name (sgml-parse-entity-type): Remove 
case check and intern for notation name. Notation name will be stored as a 
       new  4916a9b   *** empty log message ***
       new  3adb07f   *** empty log message ***
       new  770367e   * psgml-other.el (sgml-without-before-change-hooks): new 
* psgml-lucid.el (sgml-without-before-change-hooks): dito
       new  9eddb3c   * psgml-edit.el (sgml-fold-region): use 
sgml-without-change-hooks (sgml-normalize): use sgml-without-before-change-hooks
       new  72a09bc   * psgml-parse.el (sgml-parse-to): remove debug code
       new  12906dc   New menu experiment
       new  dbeeb00   *** empty log message ***
       new  6d37016   * psgml-fs.el (fs-split-tokens): new helper function for 
use in style sheets.
       new  10e844c   Require psgml-other/-lucid when compiling.
       new  423bae7   * psgml-other.el (sgml-split-long-menus): new 
(sgml-popup-menu): use above (sgml-popup-multi-menu): use above
       new  734e71b   *** empty log message ***
       new  18cbf40   some whitespace fixup
       new  153dc70   *** empty log message ***
       new  292d009   fix typos
       new  d1674d7   fix typos
       new  e5e7433   Fix the obsolete variable `before-change-function' and 
`after-change-function', which are no longer used by Emacs.
       new  8779613   *** empty log message ***
       new  3e62e96   *** empty log message ***
       new  51cb5fc   rollback
       new  c83424f   version 1.2.3
       new  5c29412   version 1.2.3
       new  276855d   Experimental hook in parser
       new  e387ea9   *** empty log message ***
       new  ec1f2d4   *** empty log message ***
       new  55b4a59   * psgml-parse.el (sgml-set-buffer-multibyte): 
Mule/multibyte patch from XX. (sgml-compile-dtd): dito. (sgml-bdtd-merge): 
dito. (sgml-push-to-entity): dito. * psgml-parse.el (sgml-update-display): take 
max-pos of top-tree not current-tree as that is not always defined at that 
       new  612e27e   update version
       new  87b981e   *** empty log message ***
       new  58e7fd5   documented sgml-add-element-to-element
       new  fd4676e   fix sgml-warn-about-undefined-entities behviour.
       new  817086a   *** empty log message ***
       new  4a4e364   * psgml-info.el (sgml-eltype-refrenced-elements): use 
built-in function copy-sequence
       new  efd64fc   typo
       new  2031df2   *** empty log message ***
       new  64b343c   new version
       new  5e7efc6   *** empty log message ***
       new  a5f78e8   *** empty log message ***
       new  1bccf14   release 1.2.4
       new  4043e52   *** empty log message ***
       new  9feddd0   Fix attribute edit to TAB better, and not to write 
protect #DEFAULT, thereby allowing normal C-k to be used.
       new  9ba9adc   *** empty log message ***
       new  6638c5f   added dependency
       new  abeb663   * psgml.el (sgml-xml-validate-command): new option. 
Default for sgml-validate-command in XML mode. (xml-mode): use 
sgml-xml-validate-command. (xml-mode): remove conditional. Always set 
sgml-declaration to sgml-xml-declaration.
       new  d464d5d   *** empty log message ***
       new  5b66f3f   *** empty log message ***
       new  9fa034a   (sgml-write-dtd): fixes for multibyte handling
       new  e56d5f7   (sgml-set-buffer-multibyte): support setting to default 
(sgml-compile-dtd): removed sgml-set-buffer-multibyte, this is done by 
sgml-write-dtd (sgml-push-to-entity): reset buffer to default multibyte support
       new  a59cad6   *** empty log message ***
       new  465ace8   Explicitly setup prefix keys (sgml-prefix-f-map): new var 
(sgml-prefix-u-map): new var
       new  dd15e45   *** empty log message ***
       new  09780d9   patch from Edgar Hoch, supports the xml docbook entities
       new  ca356f1   (sgml-insert-tag): doc fix. (sgml-edit-attrib-default): 
don't make text read-only
       new  e8c9ee7   (sgml-auto-insert-required-elements): doc fix. 
(sgml-balanced-tag-edit): doc fix.
       new  32ee801   *** empty log message ***
       new  5e3542d   *** empty log message ***
       new  4c0b840   (sgml-map-content): don't try to map empty elements, no 
point and the code doesn't work for that case.
       new  224dd6a   *** empty log message ***
       new  30a423b   Fix doc of sgml-balanced-tag-edit
       new  6822925   *** empty log message ***
       new  2ca4a6e   Version 1.2.5 released
       new  bb06f88   Rel 1.2.5
       new  60ed468   Merging Dave Loves patch from 1.2.4 branch. Fixing 
conflicts and obvious problems.
       new  ae35f71   * psgml.el (sgml-mode): make adding to 
text-property-default-nonsticky conditional on sgml-default-nonsticky to work 
with Emacs < 21.
       new  100c586   *** empty log message ***
       new  d927f54   *** empty log message ***
       new  a237484   V 1.3.0
       new  048dafc   v 1.3.0 updates
       new  a69a247   NET related bug discovered
       new  808f5aa   *** empty log message ***
       new  536575c   *** empty log message ***
       new  5599be9   fix attribute edit bug
       new  adc3ed0   fix bug with change element name not copying attributes
       new  81aa489   *** empty log message ***
       new  641ab9e   fix NET bug
       new  9ef26f8   Add abort command to edit attributes window
       new  a233b48   *** empty log message ***
       new  816195b   *** empty log message ***
       new  f1f0983   *** empty log message ***
       new  0005c93   *** empty log message ***
       new  bf49146   *** empty log message ***
       new  26c7acd   *** empty log message ***
       new  d81cdc4   (sgml-do-move): undo wrong optimization, fix problem with 
non working exclusions.
       new  ab2ed0e   (sgml-setup-doctype): add Predefined Entities for XML.
       new  1c20147   *** empty log message ***
       new  a26e23e   *** empty log message ***
       new  c4a90e5   (sgml-parse-parameter-literal): Modified to use 
unibyte-char-to-multibyte if enable-multibyte-characters. I hope this is 
       new  0977a38   *** empty log message ***
       new  83f6c03   fix wrong file name in error trace
       new  06b890d   *** empty log message ***
       new  4258fb3   Moved some experimental code from psgml-debug to psgml-xpr
       new  5987a91   (sgml-do-processing-instruction): new handling of 
<?PSGML> processing instruction. (sgml--pi-psgml-handler): new func 
(sgml--pi-element-handler): new func. handles <?PSGML ELEMENT ..> 
(sgml-psgml-pi-enable-outside-dtd): new variable. controls when <?PSGML> is 
       new  ec02685   *** empty log message ***
       new  69d4ba3   (sgml-modify-dtd): added some error checking for the 
       new  0cf75d8   *** empty log message ***
       new  11a8ccb   *** empty log message ***
       new  20af50d   *** empty log message ***
       new  5c626b7   ID/IDREF patch (From: Jean-Daniel.Fekete)
       new  10028c4   Removing most of the *SGML LOG* buffer use 
(sgml-compile-dtd, sgml-check-entities) (sgml-log-warning, sgml-error): remove 
sgml-log-message (sgml-entity-stack): new func
       new  1ebe65b   Removing most of the *SGML LOG* buffer use
       new  7b706e8   Adjust to that the log buffer is no longer used
       new  4c1abe7   *** empty log message ***
       new  efbb8ce   add xml-declaration
       new  e923b52   (sgml-parse-prolog): apply sgml-general-case to 
       new  ec34edb   *** empty log message ***
       new  7e6f077   Documenting <?PSGML> processing instruction.
       new  2ee0df4   (sgml-do-processing-instruction): call 
sgml--pi-psgml-handler with end point of PI.
       new  c9192d1   *** empty log message ***
       new  1970b89   (sgml--pi-element-handler): use sgml-parse-s not 
       new  adc8a73   *** empty log message ***
       new  8892f71   (sgml-show-context): use new option 
       new  473fb31   (sgml-describe-dtd): rename sgml-general-dtd-info to 
sgml-describe-dtd. Keep old name as alias.
       new  7152b2a   (sgml-load-doctype): make interactive, this is a more 
useful command than sgml-parse-prolog.
       new  fc099bd   (sgml-set-face-for): added face setting for content
       new  922a653   (sgml-content-indent-function): moved 
(sgml-attribute-indent-function): moved
       new  14228a5   *** empty log message ***
       new  4274903   (sgml-show-structure): new command 
(sgml-show-structure-insert, sgml-show-struct-element-p) 
(sgml-structure-elements): new functions
       new  e73f2a7   *** empty log message ***
       new  a0893e0   (sgml-mode-map): bind C-c C-s to new comman 
sgml-show-structure. Update autoloads.
       new  736a1be   bug fix
       new  4243f6d   *** empty log message ***
       new  ecb0300   Added tc22
       new  cf00bce   *** empty log message ***
       new  4054a88   new test case
       new  bd343e1   (sgml-parse-catalog-buffer): handle system and override 
(sgml-catalog-lookup): new parameters, handle system and override in catalogs. 
(sgml-lookup-sysid-as-file): remove (sgml-external-file): simplified and use 
new sgml-catalog-lookup interface.
       new  60382ac   (psgml-version): bump version
       new  9314948   version 1.3.3 begun SYSTEM and OVERRID in catalog
       new  8e5679d   add dircategory Emacs (from Karl Eichwalder)
       new  6786112   *** empty log message ***
       new  e1d9db5   (sgml-main-menu): adjust menu for new/renamed commands 
sgml-load-doctype, sgml-describe-dtd
       new  59ad839   (sgml-display-table): add buttons (sgml-list-elements, 
sgml-list-attributes) (sgml-list-content-elements, 
sgml-list-occur-in-elements): supply button info (sgml-eltype): new button type 
(sgml-print-eltypes): new func (sgml-describe-element-type): use 
sgml-print-eltypes where appropriate (sgml-describe-dtd): add button for 
element types
       new  c6d556e   *** empty log message ***
       new  377311f   (sgml-right-stag-menu): Change "Misc" to "Action" 
(sgml-attribute-buffer): use dolist instead of loop, as it is standard in 
latest emacs, and factor out inserting comment with the attribute type. 
(sgml-insert-attdecl-comment): new func. Inserts comment describing the 
attribute type with clickable parts. (sgml-insert-selected-token): new func 
(sgml-insert-selected-default): new func (sgml-insert-token-group): new func.
       new  7d91ab1   (sgml-display-table): use with-output-to-temp-buffer and 
dolist (sgml-print-eltypes): new button for #PCDATA pseudo token.
       new  5dd9a2e   (sgml-update-display): support which-fun-mode with 
current element name as function name. (sgml-set-active-dtd-indicator): removed 
(sgml-current-element-name): new func for use in which-function-mode
       new  6bfe248   (sgml-update-display): oops. remove unbound var quite, 
using t instead
       new  a858b64   *** empty log message ***
       new  265efce   (sgml-live-element-indicator): obsolete var. 
(sgml-main-menu): reduce menu depth, move insert dtd and insert custom markup 
to top-level. (sgml-mode): add the which-func-mode support
       new  ebd061b   (sgml-edit-external-entity): conditional use of obsolete 
function process-kill-without-query
       new  83fac7f   Patches from debian package
       new  94db13e   Speed patch from Dave Love
       new  67a80c2   *** empty log message ***
       new  c54bb0e   *** empty log message ***
       new  10959cb   Change defvar's to defcustom.
       new  6232ec7   more custom
       new  8f7e698   Added clean target
       new  950ce39   * psgml-lucid.el (sgml-make-options-menu): change old 
style backquote
       new  d387d53   (sgml-parse-character-reference): string-to-int -> 
       new  ad5d860   CVS->Git and initial cleanup
       new  b15cae7   Converted sgml-content-indent-function, 
sgml-attribute-indent-function to use defcustom.

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