justbur pushed a change to branch scratch/which-key.

        at  720a8f4   Merge commit '7c01092e65b2ea520af8ca36ee93cef49981d45a' 
into scratch/which-key

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  eee44fd   Add license
       new  673193d   Initial Commit
       new  74c331e   Remove hardcoded variables and switch popwin method
       new  96a7bb9   Add docstrings
       new  26e5c38   Create README.md
       new  3f2a289   Improve choice of buffer width and height
       new  6812f74   Fix vertical buffer width
       new  152ee19   Add option to force buffer closed after certain amount of 
       new  24b665c   Less rough now
       new  8ce8558   Cleanup
       new  cc95f91   Reorganize main update function
       new  56bc898   Make internal variables stand out
       new  e2f7665   Fix variable names
       new  a9c54a4   Add provide line
       new  04708f2   Start working on MELPA requirements
       new  94d5fd5   Switch from popwin to display-buffer
       new  b353cd2   Fix text replacement alist
       new  d57fca6   Fix text replacement alist
       new  515ed1d   Fix close timer randomly kicking in
       new  ada5cfd   Declare `which-key--close-timer'
       new  41d0d60   Add option to select display-buffer function.
       new  5614be0   Remove commented funcs and messages
       new  776e39e   Merge branch 'display-buffer'
       new  230ffc3   Save popwin functions as comments
       new  63fde0d   Remove unnecessary checks
       new  c77a6ef   Switch back to popwin for now
       new  5039c93   Switch readme to org-mode
       new  5185467   Arrows are more fun
       new  beaba56   Add picture to readme
       new  79ec100   Get the cursor out of the way
       new  31dff26   Better picture
       new  5af4445   Try to hide cursor
       new  6875c20   Move cursor code to setup
       new  3e70421   Update docstrings and fix packaging
       new  558090e   Switch default to minibuffer
       new  fa368fc   Fix index error for subseq
       new  8d9f79a   Toggle timer on frame focus
       new  add8fca   Change formatting of groups
       new  17b5f3d   Factor out display functions
       new  ffbdc2a   Reorganize code a little
       new  6706519   Refactor before work on window display
       new  1812df6   Undo unintentional delete of provide line
       new  963944c   Undo unintentional delete of end-of-file comment
       new  da0f7e1   Organize keys by pages
       new  ab3ff47   Merge bmag changes
       new  20353a2   Rename config variables, simplifying interface
       new  0214026   Frame popup support and some small fixes
       new  44450f6   Fix doc, new frame parameters
       new  a1aa345   Delete old defvars and minor docstring cleanup
       new  3836282   Merge branch 'master' of 
https://github.com/bmag/emacs-which-key into pr5
       new  c551775   Remove popwin requirement; Add require cl
       new  a760c58   Fix problem with echo-keystrokes and minibuffer
       new  3119e80   Add .gitignore
       new  163eacf   Allow echo-keystrokes but make it quick
       new  35a171e   Try to fix focus problems with popup frame #7
       new  1cbad4b   Hide buffer right before command execution
       new  9cec7b8   Refactor replacement alists
       new  eb6f52a   Make arrow separator into variable
       new  c8bf18a   Redo replacement logic
       new  85f65a9   Work on docstrings
       new  1fd43dc   Merge branch 'frame-popup' of 
https://github.com/bmag/emacs-which-key into pr12
       new  73d5374   Merge pull request #13 from bmag/pre-command-hook
       new  b2ea622   Try without close timer
       new  a657ea8   Change side-window default position to right
       new  2e9ec6b   Fix compiler warnings
       new  9e09f05   Need cl for emacs < 25
       new  5096276   Pull out faces and add special key face
       new  2393a70   Add small indication of more pages
       new  2e904d2   Add DEL to special keys
       new  bfdae25   Maek special keys bold
       new  f122d3d   Make default delay less aggressive.
       new  a09f70c   Be consistent in defining faces.
       new  c6c50bb   Make echo-keystrokes a variable and speed it up.
       new  be7f2c9   Remove commented out close timer stuff
       new  40ac541   Show prefix in popup
       new  9838d3b   Remove column-width from max-dimensions
       new  dc4391e   Add regexp to remove namespace (w minor cleanup)
       new  c3586da   Add key-based replacement list
       new  78c3759   Require cl-lib
       new  bafd480   Add :group to faces
       new  721c015   Fix #17 errors when not enough room is available.
       new  e5279fb   Revert unintended change to act-height calc
       new  fe5b1ee   Add option to specify major-mode in replacements
       new  68e5f81   Fix bug in format-matches
       new  52574e5   Remove hide-popup call from update function
       new  91916c1   Fixes #19
       new  a276585   Break out key-based replacement function.
       new  0fd81d3   Fix replace-match and rewrite propertize-key
       new  3ce0c3e   Rework key-based replacement
       new  3c5f1ba   Fix act-width in populate-buffer
       new  a7c7862   Fix #21
       new  82f252f   Possible fix for #18
       new  e63acf1   Update readme
       new  0e564fc   Add config setup functions and more
       new  25d29cd   Add minibuffer picture
       new  041bc9d   Add bottom section and picture to readme
       new  6c40180   Delete which-key-minibuffer.PNG
       new  dfbefe4   Add minibuffer picture
       new  cddf125   Remove hidden-mode-line-mode
       new  7f96e4d   Fix #22
       new  bd2daa7   Make user setup functions interactive and autoload
       new  69d6b46   Remove mode-line and tweak max-height
       new  688ba7e   Fix text vs. total window width handling #22
       new  e6911fe   Add functions for adding to replacement alists
       new  d9a9bd5   Allow percentages for side-window max sizes #19
       new  315eeca   Use fit-window-to-buffer again
       new  d0a9cc0   Change side-window params to percentages
       new  ad8eb57   Merge branch 'better-window-sizes' of 
https://github.com/bmag/emacs-which-key into better-window-sizes
       new  a73d8b8   remove mode-line
       new  5a7503a   Merge branch 'better-window-sizes'
       new  01ce087   Typo in add-major-mode-key-based-...
       new  beafeb5   Another typo
       new  f60e6d9   Fix add replacement functions
       new  62f409a   Make variables stand-out in readme
       new  9ada9d0   Fix #6: TODO for defcustom
       new  732b0c3   Try out status-key option
       new  654afeb   Fix bug in populate buffer
       new  5f5fc22   Fill columns first with variable column width
       new  ea115fc   Fix bug (layout wasn't going to 1 line)
       new  0526b8b   Bring back error message for too small of a frame
       new  b399f3e   Use toggle-truncate-lines; reduce -> cl-reduce
       new  5ed3e54   Check frame width in a non-buggy way
       new  2df42e2   Fix some defcustoms
       new  7e2c91e   Merge pull request #27 from bmag/master
       new  13a4fce   Merge pull request #26 from bmag/fill-columns
       new  1797db7   Require dash
       new  8d8e09e   Re-enable the prefix option
       new  062f984   Reorganize code and clean-up comments a little
       new  ee43d74   Merge branch 'fill-columns'
       new  96e424d   Remove message
       new  f8311cd   Fix bug when frame too small
       new  16aa8ac   Merge status-key and layout changes
       new  76a0199   Start to fix lock up on small vertical window
       new  5590a80   Protect against infinite loops
       new  db8d4da   Protect against infinite loops
       new  22d957e   Add better check for no room in frame
       new  58a1140   Start special-features section in readme #29
       new  d0a5ac4   readme: explain different popup types
       new  3c4f30d   Add status defcustom and clean-up layout funcs
       new  1f788fa   Merge status-key
       new  7e6e379   Show prefix in can't show messages
       new  e947317   Merge branch 'readme' of 
https://github.com/bmag/emacs-which-key into readme
       new  267b707   Merge pull request #30 from bmag/readme
       new  3e64a54   Add replacement descriptions to readme.
       new  f5385af   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  e09eb1b   Readme typo
       new  fab4fd5   Mention customize-group in README
       new  1fa254f   Add default replacement for select-window-[N]
       new  cadb9e7   Add unicode correction for wide unicode chars
       new  6ce1420   Add note to README about side-window defaults
       new  7fb4ddc   Cleanup replacement helper functions
       new  fa1e05e   Fixes #24 (Update docstrings)
       new  08d0736   Update commentary
       new  bed497a   Change default unicode-correction
       new  dc84416   Add support for custom display functions
       new  e37adcd   Fix unicode-correction docstring
       new  8bb934e   Fix #32
       new  6ca5819   Move unicode-correction and bump default to 3
       new  ce4561c   Add docstring for propertize-description
       new  f91238a   Remove some old code
       new  10298ab   Fix a message
       new  13406f7   Refactor column layout
       new  3d3f572   Minor change to previous refactor
       new  e1a03e6   Remove defaults related to outside packages
       new  c945a96   Autoloads for helper functions
       new  5e1187f   Fix weird no room error
       new  01da1c5   Convert custom functions to defcustom
       new  8ce3f96   New default pictures
       new  e286290   Fix #33
       new  a1b8895   Fix add-replacement functions
       new  1b55f62   Cleanup replacement functions again
       new  3e9f476   Reorg the readme and add key features to intro
       new  fe07489   flycheck-package fixes
       new  fc6fd2d   Fix url in header
       new  c056947   Typo in readme
       new  19fa37e   Updated images for split frame
       new  bf4ce9f   Merge pull request #34 from bmag/master
       new  c1b5b6b   Be consistent with use of double slash
       new  73dbd74   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  3ab7a2e   Switch to only using dashes for symbol names
       new  fadd5fd   Remove hash quotes
       new  84a2346   Misc formatting fixes
       new  cf56764   Merge pull request #37 from purcell/patch-1
       new  b71d3c2   Merge pull request #36 from syohex/fix-funcall
       new  be66556   Remove useless when
       new  742a903   Add ability to temporarily prevent popups
       new  a640439   Fix typos
       new  abbedca   Don't show echo-keystroke note more than once
       new  909ebe4   Better notes
       new  5c0c3c4   Fix #39
       new  ff3aa9a   Add another key translation map to check
       new  064e9b3   Cleanup comments
       new  9bbbe79   Tweak setup breaking out echo-keystrokes stuff
       new  6d2675a   Erase truncate-lines message
       new  60aec4b   Make which-key buffer uninteresting
       new  5752d1f   Change echo-keystrokes logic
       new  ac6831f   Merge pull request #40 from xuchunyang/master
       new  b47f6e7   Bump version
       new  6082e06   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  46fed20   Add MELPA to install insructions
       new  0ae863d   Add MELPA badge and change README indentation
       new  2ef9642   Add MELPA badge and change README indentation
       new  4717c88   Move badge below header
       new  717fe22   Reformat source
       new  938bb91   Use string-width instead of length for strings
       new  891fc5f   Start on new status key impl
       new  23600ce   Fix potential bug when no keys exist
       new  2c6ab4d   Add option to sort output by key (off by default)
       new  9d3ffef   Add special key handling to key sort order
       new  5ce4a5c   Typo in docstring
       new  0e6076b   Rewrite of page creation alg
       new  e201356   Paging works barely
       new  1bac4b0   Fix prefix code
       new  8bfe9cb   Merge branch 'master' into develop
       new  589baa5   Add a couple of docstrings
       new  45d6eb6   Update README.org
       new  dd63f0a   Move all prefix adding code to one place
       new  3b1ee3b   Add status to mode line
       new  1a2ef54   Fix mode line status
       new  9064b94   Typo in lighter-status function
       new  3c2378d   Add description sort and make key order default
       new  a2401c8   Start on right-bottom and bottom-right sw impl
       new  4125bc6   echo-keystrokes might be nil
       new  6adae6f   Ability to specify two locations for side-window
       new  82ea3f8   Fix bug in page layout
       new  765136a   Don't show page if first column doesn't fit
       new  ee782eb   Put spaces in separator so they can be changed
       new  d890188   Show page count with prefix
       new  c7af70a   Basic paging works
       new  1b58c43   Merge branch 'develop'
       new  bd38bf9   Turn off show remaining keys by default
       new  c44b915   Bump version
       new  5980073   Add new setup function for right-bottom
       new  74989c9   Add check for no keys
       new  b945808   Fix readme
       new  481b0b3   Add options for paging (disabled by default)
       new  b811fcc   Don't prevent changing paging bindings
       new  ee6d75e   Much better paging implementation
       new  0159ec3   Update readme with new features
       new  57980fb   Move paging defcustoms
       new  bd7eb9e   Fix latex in readme
       new  ba74099   Fix sort order in readme again
       new  060e2a2   Fix a default regexp
       new  7a30c1e   Use real-last-command instead of last-command
       new  e1b9e7f   No need to call show-popup for minibuffer
       new  945249f   Fix #50 - Don't show pages if only 1 page
       new  a693a49   Fix for #49
       new  2fd3464   Tweak next-page timer
       new  5f35908   Remove show and hide functions for minibuffer
       new  db469b2   Protect 2-side-window function from too many args
       new  66dc4dd   Fix some hash quotes
       new  2b442b1   Factor out paging timer and only start once
       new  f454e02   Add default replacement for next page
       new  710b1ef   Make side-window bottom the default
       new  5d0bb5c   Bump version for new defaults
       new  ed30e62   Simplify show page a little
       new  ab0dacc   Fix key/page count and bug in create-pages
       new  d896af6   Allow side-window bottom to be shorter than 4
       new  f5eb098   Hack to fix #48
       new  7c5f91d   Better strategy for dealing with minibuffer paging
       new  4cb5a5c   Add suggestion about tiling wm to readme
       new  ffc65fd   Fix echo function
       new  b93e70d   Switch to lexical binding and fix warnings
       new  c808fda   Allow which-key-special-keys to be nil
       new  e80857a   Add link to README about disabling special keys
       new  39f4bb0   Documentation is better now :-)
       new  cf6ffc9   Fix show-next-page problem with mult events
       new  ad0fcac   Add hint for next page key
       new  ae31608   Add next page hint to show-prefix top
       new  6c20615   C-h for paging is awesome
       new  a5413c2   Fix some parts of readme
       new  cf5b9a7   Add a docstring
       new  7540514   Allow show-next-page to force update before timer
       new  5bdffa6   More docstrings
       new  9f56b94   Revert "Fix some parts of readme"
       new  6af1756   Add note to readme
       new  a413d74   Minor wording change to readme
       new  768ed25   Reorg README and new pictures
       new  9e5d5fb   README typos
       new  4d4dc93   README fixes
       new  1e88120   Add local-map face
       new  2e7744c   Add local-map face to readme
       new  f32bbf0   Fix a link in readme
       new  4b5ade3   Second try to fix links
       new  d613dfe   README links working again
       new  32c5707   Allow for nil local-map. Fixes #57
       new  91f7470   Bump version
       new  3effbaf   Add README intro to commentary section.
       new  af9e342   Clean-up partition-columns implementation
       new  bfe1e5c   Replace ?? with lambda by default
       new  90e5481   Fix ref to free var
       new  833d17c   Tweak partition-columns
       new  8e4602a   Add missing save-match-data call
       new  cb2e4a9   show-remaining-keys cleanup
       new  14892bb   Add support for "prefix titles". See #58
       new  5e1d530   Switch prefix-titles to key-seq as key
       new  64083ce   One more change to format of prefix-title-alist
       new  54fd3bb   Add helper function for prefix titles
       new  5eee7e8   Fix which-key-echo-keystrokes docstring
       new  a251b4e   Fix echo-keystrokes backup
       new  353ab03   Add experimental support for using descbinds
       new  aefca12   Fix implementation of prevent-C-h-from-cycling
       new  fa202a5   Fix compiler warning
       new  156bd61   Describe new paging options in readme
       new  6bfda01   Add missing autoload
       new  c1458b6   Change wording of hint
       new  5f5fcc4   Factor out next page hint
       new  b015716   Shorten next page hint
       new  13c1fea   Add min-display-lines option
       new  f248e90   Allow disabling truncation
       new  73ff071   Make preventing C-h cycling the default
       new  35717ee   Add support for prefix-names
       new  2f45969   Change default indentation of helpers
       new  e5ed7de   Minor changes to key-seq functions
       new  34dbf35   Common interface for prefix names and titles
       new  5cfc206   Minor fix on last commit
       new  8b5d4c1   Fix typo
       new  e0c80e3   Better warning for add-key-val-to-alist
       new  358ebac   Mute echo-keystrokes message
       new  5761b07   typo in readme
       new  4d7363d   Add ability to highlight certain commands
       new  f865977   Update README for key-based replacements
       new  acf30ee   Remove some alists from customize and update docs
       new  db263bc   Better messages for add-key-val-to-alist
       new  6a5c241   Add faces group
       new  74a3724   Add alist-name arg to add-key-val-to-alist
       new  df53b5d   Fix docstring typo
       new  c1873df   Fix #65
       new  e5e5f7c   Revert "Fix #65"
       new  4ddf277   Better fix for #65
       new  86d0613   Bump version
       new  49204b7   Fix merge conflicts
       new  4b54f3e   Don't fail if buffer was killed somehow
       new  26ec902   Add preserve-size option to side-window display
       new  48fd060   Let bind golden-ratio-mode when showing window
       new  9493f2c   Revert preserve-size setting on buffer
       new  b96481d   Run `which-key--hide-popup` in post-command-hook also
       new  6d20c00   Add remove-hook to previous commit
       new  b07a243   Do not display which-key popup if an interactive command 
is in progress
       new  0533cdc   Move golden-ratio-mode let binding
       new  a180639   Refactor show-next-page
       new  1ef76a9   Remove comment
       new  d2e3a09   Merge pull request #71 from justbur/refactor
       new  caa70fe   readme: Remove what's new and add dependency note
       new  0982ad3   Bump version to 0.6.2
       new  e9aa7c3   Add new sort function
       new  3a71cc1   Switch to defun in last commit
       new  ac33130   Fix problem with two locations for side-window
       new  f91ebda   Add new sort function for testing
       new  8f23bd7   Preliminary support for undo
       new  2ea4c91   Satisfy compiler for golden-ratio-mode
       new  d63ce4f   Remove s.el dependency
       new  61be001   Remove dash.el dependency
       new  8e0e113   Cleanup previous commit
       new  3cdf8a4   Better choices for built-in functions
       new  7226967   Move sorting functions and add to readme
       new  777c284   Don't warn when same cons is added to alist twice
       new  8b4b1ee   Add melpa stable banner
       new  8740f0f   Add option to show popup for evil operators
       new  d777bb5   Don't show help hint for evil operators
       new  864218b   Add example of adding Unicode replacements in README
       new  e447eaf   Fix #79
       new  51044ea   Add option to pad key columns on the left
       new  b0a13d8   Bump minor version
       new  fd86818   Don't use face for prefix if using echo area
       new  65f0755   Fix sort order of function keys
       new  bbe4817   Change code to handle nil which-key--current-prefix
       new  652af43   Improve regexp to match toplevel bindings
       new  09aff8b   Fix some minor bugs
       new  95788e9   Add a command to popup toplevel bindings
       new  cdd2934   Allow function key bindings to be displayed in toplevel 
       new  26ca465   Manually flush headings for keybindings
       new  6aec4bd   Use `set-temporary-overlay-map` to setup paging keys for 
toplevel popup
       new  25d006e   Include keybindings of the form 'a .. z' in which key 
       new  d3fe7b2   Ignore self-insert-command bindings
       new  b2c7d25   Minor stylistic changes to previous pr
       new  b0f9f58   Mention show-top-level in the README
       new  7068ebd   Bring in new describe-buffer-bindings parsing func
       new  b0991a8   Satisfy compiler
       new  39fb658   Turn on case-sensitivity in replacements
       new  0bddd2d   Silence warnings for obsolete function
       new  25bd62a   Refactor sorting functions and move fn keys up
       new  aa60a23   Make special-key matching case sensitive
       new  ef44d07   Sort character ranges properly
       new  e888ee8   Move definition position for byte-compile warning
       new  3af2f25   Use bound-and-true-p for byte compile warning
       new  d694bbe   Merge pull request #86 from syohex/byte-compile-warnings
       new  fe5be11   Option to remove default unicode characters
       new  6cb9556   Ignore key translations only at top-level
       new  cf8052d   Add show-prfx 'bottom and change top-level msg
       new  8f9bd78   Mention new show-prefix option and format README
       new  24839e6   Fix spacing in last commit
       new  279b318   Provide alternative for prefix-title
       new  841f461   Automatically close popup when prefix goes away
       new  9dd0cea   Revert change in default of side-window-bottom
       new  6b5ca75   Forgot line in last commit
       new  c6abc78   Provide alternate prefix-title for echo area
       new  cd6b3c5   Check for nil as a binding in previous commit
       new  6234427   Fix the value of `which-key-side-window-location'
       new  b61c7ad   Merge pull request #87 from cute-jumper/master
       new  3fceb99   Fix mistake in reverting defaults
       new  5538494   Show docstring on hover in echo area for commands
       new  2d0b146   Add README note about last commit
       new  ead6b70   Display prefix names in terminal-mode
       new  2f4c5d8   Use key-description for canonical keys
       new  70a4716   Use safe version of string-width
       new  d4b4bad   Merge branch 'grammati'
       new  7a30f4d   Fix return value problem for make-text-button
       new  db97a29   Cleanup make-text-button call
       new  3327e9c   Remove dependencies from README
       new  b5ec6f8   Introduce C-h command dispatch function
       new  9846929   Fix undo and timer usage
       new  5ebbe69   Fix note on right and add abort keys
       new  388c007   Add C-h commands to what's new in readme
       new  318f9de   Fix top-level note and satisfy compiler
       new  baee0db   Clarify C-h commands description in readme
       new  4fb75fa   Don't abort key seq after unbound key in C-h-map
       new  2c5bb54   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  b3b4179   Make C-h command hint respect C-h-map commands
       new  0e87f61   Work on handling prefix args better
       new  583416f   Preserve prefx-arg when paging
       new  dd77323   echo-keystrokes should never be nil
       new  37f2813   Tweak display of key sequence in one case
       new  30bc0c2   Allow custom prefix-prefix
       new  06c312b   Document which-key-prefix-prefix
       new  8ff27a1   Merge pull request #91 from Amorymeltzer/prefix-prefix-doc
       new  47ef300   Add which-key-init-buffer-hook
       new  2932f8a   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  14a11c6   Ignore evil-state bindings
       new  ad60a6c   New stable version
       new  4a10ab2   Add which-key-show-keymap
       new  6702c2e   Add which-key-show-minor-mode-keymap
       new  aa06530   Filter out empty keymaps in new functions
       new  3881101   Allow traversal of keymaps in new commands
       new  c1e8222   Distinguish using-show-keymap
       new  92dc587   Fix undo for show-keymap
       new  f4a1b42   Fix C-h prompt for show-keymap commands
       new  9bb70c8   Fix problem with side-window dimension calculation
       new  f1d3d1b   Add which-key-idle-secondary-delay
       new  5909fb2   Trivial fix correcting SpacEmacs
       new  f69f694   Merge pull request #100 from yatesco/patch-1
       new  f3681e9   Initial try at addressing #99
       new  456053c   Merge branch 'master' of 
       new  d9bb55c   Improve previous commit
       new  9c93581   Interpret ESC in operator popup
       new  0941368   Don't listify key sequence repeatedly
       new  6ddebba   Comment out window var and add new func
       new  f6f4aee   Use keyboard-quit in abort key sequence
       new  dce72aa   Simplify page turning function
       new  e1f2e6b   Fix problems with operator keymap function
       new  d24c12f   Don't pass window-width around
       new  a87e621   Improve some function names
       new  e7a9ebf   Refactor create-pages and show-page
       new  529e9ac   Add which-key-is-verbose
       new  0ca36ce   Add missing case for which-key-show-prefix
       new  4ea4a94   Disable show-trailing-whitespace
       new  69a1435   Merge pull request #102 from zonuexe/master
       new  44c4064   Export reload-key-sequence function
       new  5e0b9b6   Fix bug when show-prefix is left and there is one line
       new  4622d18   Increment version
       new  e81b789   Fix compiler warnings
       new  2d8767c   Disable special-keys option by default
       new  91ab13e   made minor mode lighter customizable
       new  9df87e6   Shorten lighter name
       new  23a01c9   Make show-standard-help narrow to prefix
       new  a571ba2   Cleanup for 1.0 release
       new  3150e7d   Version 1.0
       new  bf4c7d8   Support key-chord
       new  fe56015   Fix key-chord problem
       new  20032f5   Fix bug in declare-prefixes-for-mode
       new  4800f33   Bump version
       new  b986161   Add tests
       new  001a458   Fix docstring typo
       new  07d649e   Fix problem where prefix-title-alist was not updated
       new  060c8fe   Bump version
       new  97c7ab1   Set up travis
       new  c77d75f   Trigger travis
       new  2fef1f7   Add badge
       new  d0075fb   Support key ranges below top level
       new  6ac8c56   Bump version
       new  48cbf48   Declare variable-name-history
       new  e7ce315   Bump version
       new  77a559e   Explicitly initialize variable-name-history
       new  a45a424   Bump version
       new  38762c3   Use new history var for keymap selection
       new  d572f37   Bump version
       new  5284e90   Add support for god-mode
       new  bfc5c38   Add third-party support section to readme
       new  137ccbb   Add third-party section to which-key.el
       new  88fd760   Better default for which-key-echo-keystrokes
       new  9a5d4c5   Fix minor issues with god-mode support
       new  cc2a561   Add advice for god-mode support to hide popup
       new  e095d52   Merge branch 'god-mode'
       new  d905bf6   Fix god mode advice
       new  a639798   Merge pull request #116 from cute-jumper/master
       new  e13a378   Backport two frame width functions for 24.3 support
       new  9883acc   Bump version
       new  df41a62   tooltip-mode does in exist in emacs-nox #120
       new  7ccae62   Merge pull request #122 from redguardtoo/master
       new  e151eeb   Bump version
       new  796d0cc   Account for echo-keystrokes = which-key-idle-delay
       new  484f4ff   Bump version
       new  c18ff1c   Add which-key-local-then-key-order
       new  0c32f52   Update docs for new sort function
       new  642373e   Fix comment about special keys in README
       new  02ee845   README typo
       new  1b611e9   More cleanup of README
       new  c6ad06c   New screenshots
       new  e8a6663   Change name of arg in define-key-recursively
       new  3018a53   Remove some unused code in comments
       new  8fee7c1   Fix --echo when echo-keystrokes nil
       new  169c1ad   Bump version
       new  d031bad   Fix performance issue with secondary timer
       new  1331657   Bump version
       new  322cda0   Introduce delayed prefixes
       new  12d2266   Fix bug in previous commit
       new  e4d6149   Redesign delayed keys implementation
       new  c2fb61f   Fix arg to which-key-delay-functions
       new  6adadec   Use sit-for instead of timer for delay functions
       new  ff66d8a   Make current-prefix nil when not showing popup
       new  9184b1b   Remove setup code
       new  adfcd0e   Add whitelist and blacklist options
       new  71b0b83   Fix previous commit
       new  9ec4b6a   Explicitly set tab-width when collecting bindings
       new  eb4a6f6   Add allow-imprecise-window-fit option
       new  b7e1906   Fix Makefile
       new  c03f179   Disable hack for echo area
       new  979b984   Version 1.1.14
       new  06444f3   Fix minibuffer echo not displaying
       new  b7cce2d   Add note about setting delay to zero
       new  1eace34   Version 1.1.15
       new  fe21ce6   Move definition of which-key--local-binding-p
       new  1c4bea2   Follow conventions for section headers
       new  df90df6   Merge pull request #136 from tarsius/fixup
       new  ad9b0e4   Merge pull request #137 from tarsius/outlines
       new  c493e0b   Resize popup when frame resized
       new  d939e06   Fix -maybe-get-prefix-title use of key-binding
       new  458c8d9   Consolidate prefix names and key-based replacements
       new  94b2c7b   Move a function for the compiler
       new  fe73d08   Make 458c8d9 backwards compatible
       new  5b36146   Fix test for recent prefix-name change
       new  431f29a   fix link
       new  a6a9f35   Merge pull request #149 from rdotdk/patch-1
       new  c678b93   Add global option for how to sort case
       new  5abc8cf   Add sort option -prefix-then-key-order-reverse
       new  ee121d0   Add which-key-binding-filter-function
       new  fc7482e   Remove use of display-buffer-in-major-side-window
       new  4b01b44   Update comment in --show-buffer-side-window for prior 
       new  17f4b00   Move sort after filter op in --get-formatted-key-bindings
       new  1918691   Consolidate replacements into one alist
       new  b5a9d7d   Update test
       new  3c4ca65   Don't use case-fold-search in --maybe-replace
       new  0ac0935   Fix use of function in -replacement-alist
       new  a32ec0c   Simplify --format-and-replace
       new  2b78bdd   Normalize key sequences from -add-key-based-replacements
       new  9110eeb   Fix a README link
       new  a2b3383   Quote regexp in -add-key-based-replacements
       new  880a38e   Fix bug in last commit
       new  b57b3cb   Add test for #155
       new  b3f686d   Add @pdcawley's example to README
       new  0498eea   Fix links to users in README
       new  8f4a218   Support functions in -add-key-based-replacements
       new  1b8c1e5   Fixup last commit
       new  73dd5ad   Fixup last commit part 2
       new  0724e62   Remove some unused functions
       new  474d5bf   Add some docstrings
       new  22928ee   Remove old obsolete variables/functions
       new  cf698ea   Add basic timing facility for debugging.
       new  786d800   Prevent display from occurring twice in a row
       new  c34cfd6   Add a missing type declaration
       new  f0eb183   Tweak TOC in README and fix a link
       new  3cd9457   Fix #156 by allowing multiple replacements
       new  07ff661   Remove unused variable
       new  47c6f91   Add which-key-max-display-columns
       new  a3a989e   Update README
       new  49ab7af   Add which-key-show-prefix 'mode-line option
       new  ea6f1dc   Version 2.0
       new  0d56e43   Fix handling of key ranges ("a .. d")
       new  3c7ecc6   Fix replacement of keys when prefix is nil
       new  bb30f56   Fix customize type for replacement-alist
       new  2e85519   Improve which-key--any-match-p
       new  cd43104   Add option to show transient maps
       new  9d2ba1b   Make -init-buffer-hook a custom var
       new  9a97df0   Update emacs versions for Travis
       new  806ef24   Add .cask to gitignore
       new  2014673   Prepare for ELPA release
       new  bd20f56   Version 3.0
       new  e8db06e   Add which-key-compute-remaps option
       new  23ca489   Fixup previous commit
       new  5dcf5d9   Use regexp-opt for regexps
       new  c61e63e   Adhere to 80 chars per column
       new  1c28077   Customize which-key-sort-order with list
       new  32dad60   Merge pull request #171 from wyuenho/patch-1
       new  000d7a6   Handle C-h when buffer not showing
       new  3ff303b   Version 3.0.1
       new  3144b4c   Fix which-key-show-remaining-keys option
       new  809aec9   Add 'packages/which-key/' from commit 
       new  527113d   Assign copyright to FSF for ELPA
       new  d3aefe0   Merge commit '527113d06ed4a69eeb97ee1359539b29fea8c858' 
into scratch/which-key
       new  a9dff38   Update externals-list for which-key
       new  7c01092   Make minor changes to commentary in which-key.el
       new  720a8f4   Merge commit '7c01092e65b2ea520af8ca36ee93cef49981d45a' 
into scratch/which-key

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