>>>>> "Austin" == Austin Frank <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Austin> If you're interested in using GPG to accomplish these goals, I 
    Austin> recommend the EasyPG (EPG) package created by Daiki Ueno.  At this
    Austin> point I believe it's mostly used for Gnus, but it's intended to be a
    Austin> general-purpose GPG interface for Emacs.

    Austin> http://www.easypg.orghttp://sourceforge.jp/projects/epg

I use epg to encrypt the org-mode files. EPG expects the files to have a suffix
of .gpg, which conflicts with the .org suffix - however, I circumvent this with
a file local mode setting as the first line in my org files:

# -*- mode: org; epa-file-encrypt-to: ("<my private key email ID here>"); 
coding: utf-8-unix; -*-

This allows the file's major mode to be Org-mode.

In addition, the archive files are also encrypted, and hence an over-ride is
needed for the file name (otherwise the defaults will conflict):

I have ...

#+ARCHIVE: ~/org/<filename>.org_archive.gpg::

In my active Org files - which works fine for the archival process, and ensures
that the archives are also encrypted.

The other epg settings you need are:

     (require 'epa-setup) ;; In your .emacs file

and of course the correct SSH settings and the key setup externally.

This configuration works great on both OS X and Windows XP (Home and work for

For Windows, I had to override the epa-gpg-program name to point to the cygwin 

     (setq epg-gpg-program "/cygwin/bin/gpg.exe") ;; For Windows.


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