I hope this isn't seen as too much of a distraction by Org-Mode
purists, but has anyone looked at integrating TaskPaper into Org-Mode?

TaskPaper seems to be a really simple way of documenting tasks in text
with a GTD style. Here's an example:

Fishing Project:
- buy worms @store
- collect fishing stuff @ home
- drive to river
- catch fish
- clean fish
- drive home
- cook fish @home
- task 1
- task 2
- task 3

You can learn more about TaskPaper at the following links:

* http://hogbaysoftware.com/products/taskpaper - the company with the
first implementations of taskpaper (as far as I know), including Mac
and web versions.

* http://widefido.com/ - company with a Windows version of taskpaper

* http://coderepos.org/share/browser/lang/elisp/taskpaper/trunk/taskpaper.el
- taskpaper-mode for emacs

I think it would be extremely useful to incorporate TaskPaper into
Org-Mode. Unfortunately, I'm not sure my Elisp skills are up to the
job yet.

-- Clint

Clint Laskowski, CISSP

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