>> I sometimes CLOCK in a little later than the actual start (say 5-10
    >> minutes after the fact) and then manually edit the start time on the
    >> entry.  However, there does not seem to be a way to make Orgmode reset
    >> the clock and start from the edited entry.

    Carsten> Hi Anupam,

    Carsten> why does that bother you?  yes, the clock time in the mode line
    Carsten> will be too short, but the time recorded in the buffer will be
    Carsten> correct when you stop the clock.

Hi Carsten,

The botheration is really a nag in the sense that the mode-line does not depict
the correct elapsed time - I do use the mode line status (with other custom
details) - and it will be nice to have the status line reflect the changes.

Not a real deal-breaker - more of a nice to have function :-)

Best Regards,

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