Sebastian Rose wrote:
Hello list,

Rick Moynihan requested a table of contents sorted by tags
( The new version on provides a the
shortcut 'C' to show such an index:

   - Headline with tag1
   - Another headline with tag1 and tag2

   - Headline with tag2
   - Another headline with tag1 and tag2

Excellent! Thanks for this, it works great! My only issue is that the tags in the table, don't look like links, or look clickable. Admitedly this only becomes an issue when others are browsing a file published with org-info.js.

Also it would be handy to be able to hyperlink directly to this (and the other table of contents).

There is no inheritance though. As for the most cases, the links
lead to the local toc showing all subsections. Maybe inheritance
should be an option?

I personally don't tend to use inheritance a lot, but I can see how it could be useful.

On an unrelated topic, what struck me as interesting was how similar org-info.js is to s5 (the XHTML/CSS/js) presentation format. I did mention this briefly here:

I took a look at what would be required to re-style org-info.js/org-publish files like s5; and it looked possible but my XHTML/CSS/js skills are a little rusty.

What do you think it would take to modify org-info.js into a presentation format like s5? Writing presentations in org-mode and then publishing to XHTML/org-info.js seems like a great idea, and it strikes me that org-info.js is already pretty close.

I'm not entirely sure what s5 offers that this combination doesn't, but it seems to largely be around ensuring that slides are scaled to fit into the browser-window, rather than scrolling, and that the slides are styled more minimally and a little more like a powerpoint file.

Thanks again for your hard work!!


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