I'm starting to use org-mode more and more at the moment, and want to
integrate my university schedule into my agenda, instead of
maintaining 2 separate calendars.

Here's an real-world example of what I'd like to do, I'm not sure it's
possible with org-mode though...

I have a CSC243 practical every Tuesday, at 1100-1300. It repeats
weekly, starting on 28/10/2008 and the last one is on 16/12/2008. I
can get it repeating weekly from this date with just a start time, but
cannot work out how to repeat the time region.

Also, is there anyway to stop the repeating event when it gets to that
date? If that's not possible, I don't mind having to go in and
manually remove the event - most changes happen at the end of a term

- Ollie

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