Eric S Fraga <> writes:

>> Some people might hate the margin choices to the extend that they'd
>> need geometry to make KOMA-script bearable.  Now we have two new
>> dependencies...
> yes.  The real question is not the dependencies but what would we like
> new users to when they try exporting a document to PDF for the first
> time?  Is the LaTeX default article good enough or would using koma
> impress them more?  I don't know the answer to this...

Having to do a lot of work on a restricted system with e.g. a very old R,
I can tell you that dependencies matter!  I have to check dependencies and
install packages.

I'm not against ox-fancy-latex.el, but it's more work than adding
KOMA-scrip as a default class...

If we want to make a great first impression, libertine-pkg is more likely
to please drive-by testers than KOMA.


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