Hi Nicolas,

Thank you for the update.
But it looks like `org-show-children' is a replacement of `show-children'.
Actually the key bind for `show-children' (C-c TAB in my case) is remapped
to `org-show-children' as below.

> (define-key org-mode-map [remap show-children] 'org-show-children)

When I typed C-C TAB on an org-mode buffer, I got the following error:

    Wrong type argument: commandp, org-show-children


On Tue, 22 Sep 2015 21:27:08 +0200,
Nicolas Goaziou <m...@nicolasgoaziou.fr> wrote:
> Hello,
> Tokuya Kameshima <kamet...@gmail.com> writes:
> > This is a tiny patch to `org-show-children' which shoule be an
> > interactive function but not.
> Thank you. However, `org-show-children' is not meant to be interactive,
> because its functionality is incomplete within Org. It also needs
> `org-show-entry'.
> In any case, I fixed its docstring since it was misleading.
> Regards,
> -- 
> Nicolas Goaziou

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