I tried the use the msosql engine in org-mode, but it cannot format the
result into a table. I think MS has made some change that the output of the
command is not compatible with org-mode. More specifically, the output add
"1> 2> 3> 4>  " to the begging and break the table formatting. I saw this
result on Windows 7 with osql 10.50.1600.1.

However, I found that the output of "sqlcmd" can be formatted into a table
in org-mode correctly without any trick.

osql and sqlcmd take similar command arguments, with sqlcmd has more
options. I think it is safe to simply replace the "osql" command into
"sqlcmd" command in the ob-sql.el file.

The only major difference between these two tools are: osql uses ODBC to
connect to the server; while sqlcmd uses the fancy native client to connect
to the server.

I would like to hear ideas/suggestions about this.



David S.

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