I'm having two problems with org-info.js.

Firstly, it's currently available and is linked into generated HTML at
http://orgmode.org/org-info.js; this makes it non-functional when
delivered via https.

Secondly, in HTML generated by org mode, this license condition is

* As additional permission under GNU GPL version 3 section 7, you
 * may distribute non-source (e.g., minimized or compacted) forms of
 * that code without the copy of the GNU GPL normally required by
 * section 4, provided you include this license notice and a URL
 * through which recipients can access the Corresponding Source.

which is fine, except that by default, the URL doesn't appear to be
added. There is this:

  * @source: http://orgmode.org/org-info.js

but that's not the source, but a minimized version.

Is it possible to have an option for linking via https? And have a link
to the actual source added?


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