On Wed, 20 Jul 2016, Xebar Saram wrote:

thx phil

the Rmd format is actually quite different than md so that conversion didnt
go well

I tried this

        pandoc -f markdown -t org input-file.Rmd -o output-file.org

then I opened `output-file.org' and put this src block at the very top:

#+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp :results silent
  (replace-regexp "^=[{]r \\([^}]*\\)[}]\\(.*\\)=$"
                  "#+name: \\1
  ,#+begin_src R


When I execute that code block, all the converted code chunks become src blocks.

This isn't perfect as chunk options are appended to the `#+NAME:...' line, but if you want to play with the regexp's you can probably get it to pick those out and put them on a separate line. Or just write another src block with another `replace-regexp' to fix those lines.

With a little effort you can write a command file for `sed' to do what the code block above does and then pipe the pandoc output to that command like this:

: pandoc -f markdown -t org input-file.Rmd | \
: sed -f convert-chunks > output-file.org

and you have an org document ready (or almost ready) to go.



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