Thorsten Jolitz <> writes:

Hi Thorsten,

> iOrg is two things:

Thanks, now I understand much better,

> From my point of view, Org-mode's greatest strength (being integrated in
> powerful Emacs) is kind of a weakness too. Did you ever try to write Org
> syntax without any editor support? Not very comfortable ... your idea
> seems perfectly valid to me when its about editing the headline
> properties of an +OrgHeadline object in the browser, but not so much for
> writing lengthy an syntax rich content of a headline. There you really
> need Emacs for editing ...

I certainly agree, editing Org in plain-text works in a pinch but isn't
that useful.  I guess what we need is an AJAX client that could render
Org in the browser and allow some kind of Emacs-like editing.  It could
be handy, but I don't know if it would be worth the effort (and I'm not
a JavaScript programmer, anyway).

Well, anyway, it's a very interesting project you have here!  I'll keep
an eye on it.  Be sure to let us know of new developments.  :)

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