I have an HTML block:

       #+Caption: Diagram Caption
       #+Label: fig:diacap
         <canvas id="mybox" width="200" height="200"></canvas>
           function drawme() {
              // code to draw on canvas object

and was wondering if there was a way to get an Org Export caption
generated?  According to the manual:
    "12.9.10  Labels and captions in ODT export
      You can label and caption various category of objects—an inline
image, a table, a LATEX fragment
      or a Math formula—using #+LABEL and #+CAPTION lines."

While this is for ODT export, I've seen example online with people
putting captions on in-line images:

    #+Caption: A pretty picture
    #+Label: fig:ppic

But as you can see, I'm using JS to draw on a canvas and was wondering
if OrgExport could generate the captions.  I could always generate the
images via some other language and generate the file to do the
[[file:path/to/image.jpg]] method, but just thought I'd inquire first.



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