Hi Rasmus,

The patch in general LGTM.  One comment/question, though:

2016ko irailak 21an, Rasmus-ek idatzi zuen:


> +(defcustom org-src-block-faces nil
> +  "Alist of faces to be used for source-block.
> +Each element is a cell of the format
> +
> +     (\"language\" FACE-OR-BACKGROUND)
> +
> +Where FACE-OR-BACKGROUND is either a face, an anonymous face, or
> +a string corresponding to a background color.

Why do you support a background color string here?  I think that it’s
easy to specify faces which consist of a background color only both in
lisp [(:background "XXX") vs. "XXX"] and via the customize interface.
So this flexibility seems to just introduce additional complications for
virtually no benefit in usability.  But maybe I’m missing something...?

Aaron Ecay

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