Il 20/09/2016 17:21, Eric S Fraga ha scritto:
I had a #+include: directive as the first line of the
file which included an org file called  In that preamble
file, the last headline had the tag :noexport:.  It would seem that this
tag is not processed until after the include file has been included.  I
hope that makes sense.  In any case, this means that my abstract was
considered to be part of the noexport headline and was therefore not

Lately I like to have headlines for all the logical parts of the document, so also an "Abstract" headline with the abstract block inside. Then I use the tag "ignore" and the org export extra "ignore-headlines" (activated e.g. via "(ox-extras-activate '(ignore-headlines))" if you use org-plus-contrib) to avoid exporting the headlines themselves. This should also avoid the inheritance of tags in the last headline of the include. Not vanilla org, but I find it handy.


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