Kaushal Modi <kaushal.m...@gmail.com> writes:

> I have seen mailing list references like the one below a couple of
> times. But they have never worked for me. Email clients in browser
> like gmail/inbox treat them as email addresses. So when I click them,
> I get a compose window with To: email set to "87oa3gs8tc....@gmx.us".
> Do such links work only in gnus and such? If so, it would be useful to
> have a generic usual http format link.
> Note that even
> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-orgmode/2016-09/msg00359.html
> shows that as:

Sorry about that.  I read the list with Gnus through Gmane, and I don't
know of a better way to do it, other than going to the list archive site
and digging up the URL, which seems like a lot of trouble...  ;) AFAIK
you can google the message-ID and get to the thread in question,
although it might be a few days before Google indexes it.
Alternatively, Gnus should be able to access it directly through Gmane
NNTP, and when the new Gmane web interface comes online, that should
work too.

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