Aaron Ecay <aarone...@gmail.com> writes:

> Any change to the API would leave in place a compatibility alias for a
> significant period of time (at least one major version of Org), and
> there would be deprecation warnings to encourage package authors to
> switch to the new API.  So packages like yours would continue to work
> without interruption, and they could eventually move to the new API at
> the appropriate time (as judged by their authors).

That's one of the reasons I appreciate Org so much (and the Emacs
community in general): stability.  I know that no one will yank the rug
out from under me like that.  :)  I'm not really so concerned about this
proposed change, it just seemed like a good time to mention it.

Just curious, by "major version of Org", do you mean the first digit,
e.g. 8.x.x->9.x.x, or the second digit, like 8.1->8.2?  I guess you mean
the first, semver-style, but Org's been around longer than that spec's
been a "spec", so I thought I'd ask to be sure.

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