I have some text in an EXAMPLE block but on HTML export '<' and '>' are 
converted to their '&' equivalents.  Is there a way to turn this off on a 
per-instance basis?

For example, I have:

  T = X + Y1

and I'd like the '1' to be subscript.  But when I write:

  T = X + Y<sub>1</sub>

obviously the'<' and '>' are converted to &lt; and &gt;.  "Y_1" also won't 

Is there a way/option to disable this conversion for that specific block?  Ex:

#+BEGIN_EXAMPLE :nointerpolation
  T = X + Y<sub>1</sub>

This would let the browser apply the <sub></sub> even though it's in a <pre> 

David A. Gershman, CISSP

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