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> HTML is easier to style, yes. Does that format, exported to pdf, has
> what you need?

No. Almost, but hyperlinks are not clickable.

> Because latex may take more effort, but it's only once.
> Then, you have pdfs with the index, pages of the size you'd like,
> everything packaged in 1 file (or not), metadata, and so on.

My goal is a 1-page PDF invoice containing one level-1 heading in bold
24pt Cantarell with #cccccc background, one level-2 heading in bold
16pt Cantarell, some plain text, one table with two columns and five
rows, and some more plain text. The hyperlinks occur within the table
and plain text. A footer would be nice but is not essential; if
present, two links would occur in the footer.

> If the only specs you'd like to change are just those fonts, and
> something like Memoir starts with a decent general layout (depending on
> your needs), then it makes sense to tweak it a bit and from then on,
> just use the latex export.

I don't know what Memoir is or how I would use it. I'm guessing it's a
LaTeX package and I would use a #+ATTR_LATEX declaration to configure

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