On 2016-10-13 21:6, Pierre-Henry Frohring <frohring.pierrehe...@gmail.com> 
 > Hi list!
 > Made a few lines of elisp that take one org-file and turns it into a static
 > website.
 >     https://github.com/phfrohring/org-to-blog
 > Since it is useful to me, I tried to share it. Someone tried, but some bug
 > occurred:
 >     https://github.com/phfrohring/org-to-blog/issues/1
 > I cannot reproduce the bug... it's working on my machine.
 > Can anyone help?
 > Thx!

Actually, I'm quite surprised that is working for you. According to the
file variables you enable lexical bindings. This prevents the recursive
call to "find_duplicates". This symbol isn't visible in the lambda.

Can you double check that `lexical-binding' is really non-nil?


P.S.: Do you know about `flet' and `labels'?

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