On Tue, 18 Oct 2016, Ulrich J. Herter wrote:

Hi everybody!

Two questions I'd like to ask the Org-community:
When I export my document, the source blocks with outdated cache hashes
    run, but no new hashes are put in the document.

Right. The exporter runs in a buffer copy, so the original is not modified.

I would like to have the hashes updated when the run on export, so next
time I export the don't need to be evaluated. This would save a lot
quite some time!

Is there a switch I missed, or any way to get this behaviour?

Run org-babel-execute-buffer (or org-babel-execute-subtree) before you export.

Is there a function to get the hash of a #+CALL:-block? C-c C-v a ()
doesn't work there.

`org-babel-current-result-hash' does this. It is not interactive, so if you want to query the value interactively, you need

 M-: (org-babel-current-result-hash)

with point in the CALL line. Or roll it into an interactive function of your own.

`org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c' will get the value if point is just before the hash.



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