Hello! I failed to understand this part of the template expansion, and
I'm hoping you will consider this an improvement. I mistook the %\n for
a newline and glossed over the description. I'm hoping this makes it
clearer that it's a sequence of placeholders.

I haven't signed the CLA, but I'm hoping this change is small enough for
that not to be necessary. (Although I don't have a problem with signing
the CLA if you prefer that.)

diff --git a/contrib/orgmanual.org b/contrib/orgmanual.org
index 8b8ae1e..5a7904d 100644
--- a/contrib/orgmanual.org
+++ b/contrib/orgmanual.org
@@ -7060,10 +7060,10 @@ here:
   ~%^{prompt|default|completion2|completion3...}~.  The arrow keys access
   a prompt-specific history.
-- %\n ::        
+- %\1, %\2, ..., %\N ::
-  Insert the text entered at the nth %^{PROMPT}, where ~n~ is
-  a number, starting from 1.
+  Insert the text entered at the Nth %^{PROMPT}, where ~N~ is
+  a number starting from 1.
 - %? ::          
2.8.4 (Apple Git-73)

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