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> Attached is a patch submission for org.texi file. Sorry for the large size
> of the attachment. I am posting to this list on Bastien's suggestion.
> The edits mainly pertain to org-babel, which is where most of my time is
> spent these days. This patch is an attempt to make the documentation more
> consistent with the rest of gnu manuals. Comments and suggestions
> welcome.

Thank you for the patch!

I didn't read through the whole set of changes but I'll make some
initial comments.

Have you signed FSF papers already? You need to so that we can apply
your non-trivial changes to documentation.

Also, Texinfo document requires two spaces after a full stop. There are
a couple of places in your changes that do not follow this.

You also need to provide a proper commit message, listing sections
modified in the manual. See commit message in the repo for examples.

If your FSF papers are in order, could you send an updated patch?


Nicolas Goaziou

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