Hi everyone,

I routinely export my diary entries to an ics file on the web so that
google calendar can display them.  This normally works well, although it
is well known that the google calendar can take many hours before
updating the calendar.

Has anyone got any neater approaches for keeping their org mode calendar
items in sync with google?  I've looked at org-gcal but I think I'm
missing something (https://github.com/myuhe/org-gcal.el/issues/68) and
there don't seem to be any reliable command line tools for syncing an
.ics file with google that work under OAuth2.

p.s. a small issue, but when I passed the org-generated .ics file
through a validator, http://severinghaus.org/projects/icv/ it noted

  Your calendar is using an invalid newline format. Make sure to use
  \r\n to end lines rather than just \n (RFC 2445 ยง4.1).

This doesn't seem to prevent google parsing the file though.


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