* mcg <giepe...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I need to create a rather complex folder structure.
> It is OK to create that in dired but I think even nicer and faster it 
> would be to create an org-mode outline which then exports this folder 
> structure to the org document's directory.
> This could even be extended to create blank files with file extension 
> within the directory - maybe communicated to the exporter with list items.
> Can the org-mode exporter be used or easily programmed for this kind of 
> application?

Take a look at:

Not exactly your use-case but you might get ideas.

mail|git|SVN|photos|postings|SMS|phonecalls|RSS|CSV|XML to Org-mode:
       > get Memacs from https://github.com/novoid/Memacs <

https://github.com/novoid/extract_pdf_annotations_to_orgmode + more on github

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