When exporting a latex code block as a png image in an HTML page, Org
complains that the pdf file was not produced.

Minimal org document example :

#+TITLE LaTeX export minimal test

* Let's go

  A really interresting algorithm :

  #+header: :headers '( "\\renewcommand{\\familydefault}{\\sfdefault}" 
"\\usepackage{lmodern}" "\\usepackage{algpseudocode}" )
  #+header: :file algo.png
  #+header: :imagemagick yes :fit yes
  #+header: :results raw :iminoptions -density 600 :imoutoptions -geometry 1200 
  #+BEGIN_SRC latex
      \Function{triSauvegarde}{nom\_fichier : String}
      \State tab $\gets$  \Call{copie}{leContenu}
      \State \Call{trier}{tab}
      \State \Call{sauvegarder}{nom\_fichier}

When trying to export to html with C-c C-e h h, org complains :

org-compile-file: File "/tmp/babel-2370po9/latex-237073Q.pdf" wasn't produced.  
See "*Org PDF LaTeX Output*" for details

In fact the file is produced, but directly in
/tmp/latex-237073Q.pdf. (no babel-2370po9 subdir).

So, compared to the previous version of the bug, we have progressed :
temporary pdf are not produced in the current directory anymore, but org
does not know yet where to find them ;o)



Éric Würbel
Enseignement: IUT R&T, directeur des études 1A
Recherche: LSIS, UMR7296 http://www.lsis.org/

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