I'm about to migrate my entire LaTeX document setup to Org-mode and the
one point in this process that is more complicated than every other is
the bibliography system.

In LaTeX I was using BibTeX/biblatex with lots of coomands like:


What would be a convenient way to migrate documents containing such
references to something more native within Org-mode?

If I understood correctly there is still no real native Org-mode
citation syntax; is that true?

So the alternative would be

1) using raw inline LaTeX Code in Org-mode with RefTeX
2) using John Kitchin's org-ref package

I tried org-ref and indeed it looks very promising with lots of extra
features like mouse-over resolution of references and so on, -- but I
fail to understand the syntax of org-ref formatted links.

A simple link would be of the form "cite:MYREF" or "citep:MYREF"; but if
I want to add a page number to this reference, the syntax of the link
seems to be very different, like so: "[[citep:MYREF][PAGENUM]]" or

1) is this in fact the correct format in org-ref, where is this documented?
2) how can I insert links like that in an org-mode buffer (other than manually)?
3) do they export correctly to other formats (like docx)?
4) is there a way to convert LaTeX code to the org-ref citation format?



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